Graphic Design BFA


Deadline: February 1

FIT’s Graphic Design Program recognizes design as a vital force that both mirrors and shapes our visual culture. Our program aims to prepare students for professional practice through research, exploration, and expression of options while challenging conventions in visual communication for public consumption. The program focuses on translating complex information, often of social and cultural nature, into easily understood visual communication (in text and image) as well as responding creatively to constantly changing media and technology that shape design in form, delivery, and content. The Graphic Design Program concludes with a two-semester long Senior Project. Students conduct original research, and work independently on design projects to explore the possibilities of visual communication with innovative and contemporary contributions to the field of Graphic Design.

A faculty of experienced professionals with their own successful careers share their expertise in courses such as Typography and Language, Kinetic Typography, Web-Based User Interface, Editorial Design, Corporate Identities and Branding, Experiential Graphic Design, Design and Culture, Design and Innovation, and Design in Cultural Context. Courses in Print and Digital Production and Professional Practice as well as our Internship Program teach students to participate successfully in a professional environment. We also offer a semester abroad for students interested in experiencing Graphic Design in a different cultural environment.

The FIT Graphic Design BFA portfolio showcases strong concepts and cutting edge design skills. Graduates have the ability to apply their skills across a variety of media. They have secured positions as design leaders in international design firms, retail, cultural institutions, fashion, architecture firms, brand agencies, and publishing.

Please submit responses to the questions below (maximum 100 words each) and a portfolio of original artwork.


Communication Design Pathways BFA Short Statements

Please be concise and to the point in all responses. Responses should provide insight on transferable skills, motivations, interpersonal qualities and aptitudes.

  1. Why did you select your first choice of major?
  2. What was your most inspiring and/or insightful experience so far in your academic career?
  3. What is your most successful piece of work and why?


A BFA applicant portfolio should consist of design work that demonstrates a breadth of strengths including: creativity; innovative thinking; conceptual development process; drawing ability; color sensibilities, 2D and 3D design skills, design composition; digital design; and ability to work in a variety of media. At least one strong example of the applicants’ design development process should be submitted. This design process may be submitted in the form of digital scans of multiple pages of a sketchbook. Work submitted should relate to the applicant’s choice BFA major but also demonstrate overall design strengths and abilities. Only the strongest pieces should be included in the portfolio.

Applicants should submit 12-15 pieces of their strongest and most current work.

Identify all work with project name, size, medium and concept. If work was created as a team project, the applicant should describe their specific role in the process. Quality and professional presentation are critical. The portfolio may include:

• Applicant’s design and concept development process
• Typography
• Page layout
• Advertising and Digital Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Visual Presentation, and Exhibition Design
• Three-dimensional design
• Motion, interactive and/or other screen-based work
• Work that represents current strengths

Please be advised that SlideRoom allows a MAXIMUM of 5 files per portfolio submission. Each of these files may be a PDF (up to 10MB) or a video (up to 250MB). The applicant will need to include multiple pieces of work in one or more of the files submitted in order to present the 12-15 pieces requested. This may be accomplished by creating and submitting multi-page PDFs.

Provide 1-5 items. Video (up to 250MB each), PDFs (up to 10MB each)