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Find your voice. Play with type. Explore media.

This program demands depth, challenges thinking, and expands your ability to communicate on diverse platforms. It approaches design from the multidisciplinary perspective of the arts and humanities, allowing you to identify and respond to social and cultural issues. Design a better world.


Graphic Design BFA

Graphic Design BFA

You’ll not only master design skills, but also hone a personal voice that requires critical thinking, social awareness, and the ability to communicate across an array of platforms. Topics of study include editorial design, interactive web design, experiential design (exhibitions and signs), and kinetic typography, along with advanced typography, corporate identity systems, motion graphics, and art history. You’ll also participate in industry-sponsored competitions and gain experience through a required internship. The program concludes with a senior thesis project and a juried design exhibition. You’ll graduate with a portfolio to present to potential employers.

To be eligible to apply to the Graphic Design BFA, you will need a Communication Design Foundation AAS. Learn more about eligibility for this program.

Degree Details


Design that fuels action … Your design and messaging will influence how people respond to a brand, product, institution, or idea.

Outside the Classroom

Students and alumni work and intern at 2x4, Pentagram, W magazine, The New York Times, Def Jam Music, Guggenheim Museum, Atlantic Records, Fast Company, Landors, MTWTF, Paper, R/GA, Nike, Hoefler & Co, Hyperakt, Mirko llic Corp, Milton Glaser, Inc., and a wide range of industries.

Beyond Graduation

Learn from the Best

Our faculty are practicing professional designers and educators. Our classes provide you with the ability to develop conceptually, typographically, and creatively while designing on diverse platforms. Meet more Graphic Design faculty.

Graff specializes in design for performing artists and presenting organizations. In her personal work, she builds/exhibits sculptural book forms and immerses herself in the creation of large scale interdisciplinary work. Her career in design, pedagogy, and interdisciplinary performance has melded into years of formative and collaborative projects. She holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Anya Troost

Anja Troost

After graduating from ArtEz, in 1995 (Arnhem, the Netherlands), Troost founded In Beeld with theater photographer Deen van Meer. Together, or separately, they have worked for many clients in the cultural sector and for smaller businesses. She has been a professor of arts for 15 years at MKstart and Artemis Styling Academy, both in Amsterdam and at Central College, Leiden. She received her BFA in Education in 2013 from the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Frederun Scholz

Frederun Scholz

Dr. Scholz has taught graphic design at FIT for more than 20 years. An associate professor in the Department of Communication Design Pathways, she studied graphic design at Empire State, Museum Studies at FIT, and holds a PhD in design history and material culture from Bard Graduate Center.

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