Color Studies

illustration of the Color SpectrumColor is intriguing, complex, and pragmatic. It can promote brand recognition, increase sales, attract attention, and convey concepts. Cultural or geographical, psychological or symbolic, aesthetic or gender-related, color can be analyzed and applied in many ways to enhance creative work, further careers, and enrich lives.

The minor in Color Studies offers students from all majors the opportunity to learn to use color with intention.

Minor Coordinator: Jada Schumacher, Pomerantz Center, Room D313


Complete five of the following courses in any sequence.

Course Credits
CD 234 - Color Studies 2
FA 101 - Painting 1.5
FA 106 - Printmaking - Basic 2
GD 336 - Color Voyage 2
IL 126 - Watercolor Comps and Illustrations 1.5
IL 127 - Applying Color to Illustrate the Written Word 1.5
PH 118 - Beginning Digital Photography 2
PH 100 - Photography for Artists 2
PH 104 - Basic Digital Photography for Visual Design Communication 2
TD 112 - Textile Color Fundamentals 2

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and any prerequisite information.