FIT's Study Abroad Emergency Reponse Policy

The Fashion Institute of Technology is committed to prepare and respond effectively to emergencies abroad that may affect FIT programs abroad, including the semester-long programs in Italy. The policy has been developed to provide useful, practical guidance on safety and well-being for all participants, including students and their parents or guardians, faculty, resident directors, and administrative staff. This policy is to be followed by the study abroad program directors and College administrators, as well as staff, faculty, and students participating in study abroad and international field study.

FIT's Visa Sponsorship Policy

FIT values the expertise and talents of international artists and scholars and supports sponsorship of foreign nationals for both nonimmigrant and immigrant visas, as outlined in this policy.  Visa sponsorships are based on the needs of the college and at the sole discretion of FIT.

International and Domestic Travel Policy

FIT supports and encourages travel by members of the College community whose educational, research, business, scholarly, artistic or other related College activities/programs involve travel. This policy is intended to promote the health, safety, and security of FIT employees and students while traveling on FIT-related business or activities/programs through creation of a travel registry process.