Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are statements by faculty members that describe the most important things students will know and be able to do when they graduate from a program.

Master of Fine Arts Degree

  1. Enhance expertise in studio based skills and illustration principles that foster acumen for visual storytelling.

    1A. Students have a command of drawing the human figure and environment, from imagination and observation.

    1B. Students are able to execute drawings and finished illustrations that demonstrate expertise in dynamic composition, spatial relationship, and design.

  2. Develop and/or augment a personal voice in the students’ art through the exploration of a variety of visual vocabularies to express a unique perspective.

    2A. Student demonstrates a unique voice, vision and style to execute finished illustrations.

  3. Encourage research, both written and visual, and foster in-depth knowledge of the history of illustration as well as contemporary trends in illustration.

    3A. Students incorporate research and influence of artists and illustrators into finished illustrations and/or written documents, papers, manuscripts.

    3B. Students act as author and illustrator of finished works, such as children’s books and/or graphic novels.

    3C. Students present research at conferences, symposia and on panels relating to illustration as well as related areas, germane to his/her research.

    3D. Students are hired as faculty in art and design departments to teach varied illustration and related courses, domestic and international.

  4. Deliver the tools to foster best practices for Business and Self Promotion.

    4A. Students use social media and more traditional platforms to self-publish, establish online storefronts, crowd-funding projects, exhibit and appear at independent festivals.

  5. Cultivate the practice of professional communication and presentation skills.

    5A. Students are able to communicate effectively with clients through artist statements, business plans, and various forms of social media.