Peer Mentor Tiger Leaders

Leadership at the Fashion Institute of Technology is understood to be a values-based, inclusive process in which people work collaboratively to accomplish common goals that promote positive social change. The FIT Peer Mentor Tiger Leader training program is especially designed to provide FIT students with experience that develops, challenges, and supports them as socially responsible leaders in the world. These positions are a unique leadership experience for students to learn more about themselves as leaders, and simultaneously have a profound impact on our campus.

The program is designed using the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (HERI, 1996). Students are a part of a large network of peer mentors, who elect to serve their fellow students as a resource, advocate, and role model. Research on student engagement emphasizes that peer mentorship directly correlates to positive student outcomes in campus involvement, retention, and academic success. Over four decades of research on college student success demonstrates the benefits of student involvement and peer support (Astin, 1993; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005; Tinto, 1975). By offering an opportunity for students to take an active role in students’ leadership development process and facilitate new initiatives in leadership and civic engagement, the FIT Tiger Leader Peer Mentor training program addresses the need for increased student engagement and support on our campus while also benefitting the local community.

General Applications are open for the 2024 - 2025 academic year for the RA, OL and Peer Educator positions.

Please click this link to access the application for the 2024 - 2025 academic year. If you're interested in applying for the Tour Guide or Cultural Fellow positions, please check their individual web pages to see details about the application submission process.

Click here to apply to become an FIT Tiger Leader! 

Resident Assistants (RAs)
Resident Assistants are an integral part of the Residential Life staff. RAs are paraprofessional staff members with the most direct and constant student contact. The primary responsibilities of RAs are to act as facilitators in the development of the residence hall community, to enhance the development of the residents, and to serve as role models at all times. RAs serve as representatives of the Residential Life office and FIT. For more information about Resident Assistants, please visit this page

Orientation Leaders (OLs)
Orientation Leaders play a critical role in New Student Orientation as part of the larger Orientation Team. As student leaders, OLs set the tone for an incoming student's FIT experience. OLs not only welcome new students to FIT, they help new students successfully transition to FIT. The OL position at FIT requires a high level of energy, student interaction, and time management. Orientation at FIT is a fun, exciting, and engaging experience. Orientation Leaders are the ones who make it all happen. Teamwork, support, and collaboration is at the core of the Orientation Leader position and are necessary components to a successful orientation experience. For more information about Orientation Leaders, please visit this page.

Cultural Fellows
FIT’s Cultural Fellows program offers international students and students with extensive international experience the opportunity to work on campus in educational contexts, such as international student orientation and co-curricular events, which draw on that rich international experience. Cultural Fellows are enlisted for buddy and mentor/mentee outreach to new international students, help in facilitating events hosted by International Student Services and the Office of International Programs, assist in international-related social media, video, website development, and other related activities. Cultural Fellows help foster a more inclusive experience for the entire FIT community by contributing their international perspectives to expand and enrich FIT’s educational environment, making intercultural experiences more accessible for all. For more information about Cultural Fellows, please visit this page.