Creative Practice Application

Cost and Admissions

The total cost is $750, payable in one installment upon registration, and no later than TBD. Upon registration, students will receive a list of readily available art supplies to bring with them.

Early Registration and Alumni Discount

Students who register by TBD, will receive a 10% discount on the price of the course. Alumni of FIT will receive a 10% discount at all times.

The Certificate

To receive a certificate from FIT, students admitted into the program must attend at least 90% of total class hours.

Entry Requirements

In order to apply for the admission to the course, the candidate must be currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Art/Science course or have a degree equal to or higher than a Bachelor. Having met this requirement, there is no age limit for adults who wish to take the course. The course includes light movement activities, but these can be modified according to ability. In certain cases, the program may make exceptions for candidates without a Bachelor’s degree, but with the equivalent in life and work experience. These candidates should include an additional paragraph of text with their inquiry materials, demonstrating their capacity and interest in the course.

Registration Process

To begin the registration process, please send a current CV, including your name, place of residence, educational experience, and any additional relevant information to: [email protected].

Along with your CV, please also include a brief statement of interest, of approximately 250 words or less interest, telling us about you and what you hope to learn from the course.

Upon receipt of these materials, you will receive a confirmation email and details to complete the registration process.


Please direct any questions to: [email protected].