Wellness & Work Life

Achieving wellness involves making intentional, informed, and impactful choices, and engaging in associated activities that make it possible to transform your life.  We each have our own personal philosophy on wellness and our definition of wellness may differ from someone else’s.  Reaching success involves a multifaceted approach that can touch your life in a variety of ways. The following information* is available to help in your wellness journey.

Employee Wellness Exercise Schedule

Free lunchtime classes are open to all faculty and staff, sponsored by the Wellness Program.  The classes are led by qualified instructors and are open exclusively to employees.  You may attend as many classes as you wish; no reservations are needed - just show up! 

Health Advocate Services

Employees enrolled in the UCE of FIT Welfare Trust Fund benefits receive benefits through Health Advocate (.pdf).  Health Advocate offers unique health care services and well-being support to get you the information and assistance you need at no cost. These benefits are extended to a spouse, dependents, parents, and parents-in-law.  Services include:

  • Making informed medical decisions, finding the right doctors, and making appointments
  • Resolving health care claims and billing issues
  • Coordinating medical care and services
  • Arranging second opinions and transfer of medical records
  • Transitioning to Medicare and finding supplemental options
  • Finding assisted-living and long-term care types of facilities

Health Advocate Webinars
Improving Overall Well-Being
Finding the Right Balance Between Work and Life

Log into the members portal or call them at 866-695-8622 and check out their annual calendar with tips to help you stay on track! 

Improving and Maintaining Health 

Center for Disease Control - Discover the Benefits of Walking.
Great American Smoke Out Day - Start your journey towards a smoke-free life.
New York State Smokers' Quitline - Tools and support to help you quit.
Tobacco-Free FIT - FIT's tobacco-free campus policy.

Nutritional Health

ChooseMyPlate.gov - guidance, tips, printable materials, and more for diet, weight management, and physical activity provided by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.
EatRight.org - articles, tips, videos, recipes, online games, and app reviews provided by the U.S. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world's largest network of food and nutrition professionals.

Health Conditions

BreastCancer.org - The different stages of a breast cancer diagnosis, helpful information for caretakers, virtual meetings, articles and podcasts.
Johns Hopkins Breast Center - Information, videos, and resources about breast cancer risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and more.
National Cancer Institute Prostate Cancer - Causes and prevention, screenings, treatment, and coping with a diagnosis.
American Cancer Society - Screenings, understanding a cancer diagnosis, research and support.

Emotional Health

Mental Health and Well-Being – American Heart Association’s helpful approaches to good mental health.
Right Direction – Identifying the symptoms of depression, the importance of self-care, free online depression screening, and shared stories about depression.
American Heart Association – Stress management information and related resources

Financial Health

American Institute of CPAs, 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Program – Manage your hard earned money by creating budgets, setting goals, saving, investing and planning ahead.
TIAA – Personal finance information including how much you should save, buying a home/mortgage application process, reducing debt and taxes, and handling market volatility, 

Lari and Barbara Stanton Fitness Center

The Lari and Barbara Stanton Fitness Center is located in the sub-basement of the Dubinsky Student Center (A Building) and is equipped with cardiovascular machines, various weight machines, Smith machine and free weights. Employees may use the facility between 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Employees who use the facility and participate in exercise classes do so at their own risk. FIT is not responsible for any injury that may occur for any reason. Physician medical clearance is highly recommended before participating in an exercise program.

Visit the Athletics and Recreation website and click on Fitness Centers under Related Links for more information. 


* The information found on this page is not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed health care professional.