Program Outline

*Program outline is a subject to change based on the pedagogical needs.

Module I: Digital Transformation & Customer Inspired Marketing

  • How users use social channels
  • Customer-inspired marketing BX meets CX 
  • Tracking users across touchpoints

Module II: Demystifying Social & Digital Metrics

  • Mapping business goals to metrics
  • Setting competitor and category benchmarks
  • Analytics Lingo Defined  

Module III: Using Data to Understand User Trends & Behaviors

  • User Trends, telling stories with data
  • Real-time social and search dashboards 
  • Social Listening Insight mining 

Module IV: Using Data to Kickstart Campaign Development

  • From data to creative opportunities
  • Data-driven creative brainstorms
  • Writing a data-driven brief 

Module V: Testing, Targeting, and Learning

  • A/B Creative Testing via Mimic Social
  • Audience segmentation testing
  • Developing actionable insights

Module VI: Audience Segmentation & Personalization

  • AI Audience segmentation, targeting
  • Creative message testing
  • Personalization creative triggers

Module VII: Data-Driven Presentations

  • Data and storytelling
  • User journey/channel mapping 
  • Data visualization basics

Module VIII: Performance Metrics & Meaningful Reporting

  • Meaningful reporting
  • Identifying key learnings
  • Creative optimizations