Phase 1 Begins Monday, 10/24: Day Guests Only

Phase 2 Begins Friday, 11/4: Overnights and Emergency Overnights

Visitors must be Checked In and Checked Out by our Front Desk Public Safety Team between 8:30am-11pm using the All-Star visitor management system. 

Occupancy Guidelines

Please note the following occupancy guidelines for each room type. These guidelines must be followed and supersede visitation policies

  1. Single, Double, Triple Rooms: No more than 6 per room including residential students at the same time.
  2. Quad Apartments : No more than 8 people per apartment including residential students at the same time. 

Day Visitation

  1.  Instructions to register Day Guests:
  2. Log-in to the All-Star visitor system using your FIT username & password.
  3. In the top right corner, you will see a tab: “Add Appointment”
  4. After, “Add Appointment”, go to the drop down menu and click “Day Visitor”. 
  5. You will be asked to indicate:
    1. Start Date
    2. Expiration Date
    3. Expected Arrival & Expected Departure Time for your Day Guest
  6. At the bottom of the page you will be asked to fill out Visitor 1’s information:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Visitor Email
  7. After filling out the above information, you will click “Add Appointment”.
  8. Your guest will receive a confirmation email they should keep for their records.

Please note, we recommend that you register your guest ahead of their expected arrival to ensure a quickier check-in time frame.

Day Time Visitation Protocol


  1. Hours of Visitation: 8:30AM-11:00PM
  2. All guests MUST present a valid form of Photo Identification and Proof of Vaccination to the Security Officer at the desk.
  3. Public Safety will hold the submitted form of identification during your visit.
  4. Acceptable forms of photo ID:
    • FIT Commuter ID
    • Valid school IDs with expiration dates
    • Valid driver's license, non-drivers ID
    • Valid Military ID cards with expiration dates
    • Passports (are accepted but not preferred)
    • Guests under the age of 18 must have ID and must be accompanied with an Adult Guardian, or with written Consent of the Adult Guardian for entry in our Residential Halls.
  5. COVID Guidelines : Guests must wear their masks at all times in common spaces i.e. Kitchen, Workrooms, Lobby, Public Restrooms
  6. Guests need to be accompanied by their Residential Hosts at all times.
    • The Residential Student who has signed in their guest is responsible for the behaviors of their guests. Do not leave your guest unattended.
  7. Residential Life staff has the right to wave/deny guest access and entry upon reasonable concern or disruption to the residential community.
  8. Roommates must be notified but do not need to approve the Day Time guest’s registration via All Star Visitor Management System.
  9. Residents may not check-in any day visitors after 11:00PM, all day guests must leave the residence hall by 11PM. Failure to check out guests by 11pm could result in loss of overnight visitation privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Day visitation ends at 11PM

No, however we recommend notifying your roommate before bringing a guest on campus

Yes, you can do this on the All-Star website in which they will receive email notification stating their registration is online before checking in at the front desk. 

No, we will be allowing overnight visitation after 11/4. Guidelines will be outlined the week before.
Yes! As long as they are signed in via All-Star with proper documentation
You will be sent an Initial Conference Letter and a flag will be placed on your visitation privileges via All-Star. Please note, failure to de-register your day guest after 2 times may result in loss of overnight visitation privileges 
Yes, as long as you (the residential student) is present and the guest is properly signed in
No, will be granted a certain amount of overnight visitation per semester 
No, the responsible party for a guest needs to be present at the time of the guest check-in 
If you want another residential student to check-in your guest, this means they are signing on this individual as their own guest and assuming responsibility for the guest check-in/liable for their behavior
You will be held responsible for the actions of your residential guest. Sanctioning and loss of visitation privileges vary and will depend on the type of infraction this guest committed  
Yes, your guest will have to depart in the event of a building-wide fire alarm
Guests are allowed in kitchens, workrooms, restrooms, and courtyard. All visitors and residential students must wear masks in common spaces 
No, unfortunately in isolation we will not be allowing visitors for students in quarantine. Unless medication will need to be dropped off. Please note - Residential Life staff can/will accommodate you receiving medication via our isolation drop-off policies. 
No, we only accept vaccination cards via app, picture, or physical copy. Boosters are optional. 
Residents can sign in a maximum of 5 guests at a time.