Communications Coordinators

In an effort to further facilitate communications, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee has appointed ten roundtable members to serve as communications coordinators. These individuals will be kept informed of all strategic-planning activities so that they may direct inquiries or help community members obtain information.

The following colleagues welcome any strategic planning-related questions:

Joanne Arbuckle, associate professor, Fashion Design-Apparel; acting dean, Art and Design, 7-7152
Howard Dillon, assistant vice president, Academic Affairs, 7-8724
Jana Duda, adjunct instructor, Photography; coordinator, Technology Resources, Gladys Marcus Library, 7-5594
Margaret Hanrahan, director, Employment and Training, 7-5609
Desiree Koslin, assistant professor, Textile/Surface Design; director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and the Teaching Institute, 7-7087
Donna Lehmann, web coordinator, 7-7410
William Mooney, assistant professor, English and Speech; acting assistant dean, Liberal Arts, 7-7551
Carolyn Rieger, assistant vice president, Instructional Technology, 7-7510