Artist: William Low

The Hong Kong series

Artist Statement: Almost everyone in the United States has roots in other countries, it's a matter of going back enough generations to find someone who left their homeland wishing for a better life in America. In the spirit of tolerance and acceptance, we need to consider how they must have felt during their struggles. Two years ago, I was given the extraordinary opportunity to discover a new land through the eyes of a foreigner to experience a few weeks in Hong Kong and create images that document the energy of this amazing city. During these trips, I struggled with the language and cultural nuances in my daily interactions, despite the fact that am Chinese American. While I may look Chinese to most, I am still a Westerner who can barely speak the language. But what a thrill to explore and discover my heritage in this foreign land! As an artist I love the challenge of exploring Hong Kong and discovering contrasts between East and West. As I tell my visual story through my art, it is my wish that these images will convey my feelings and observations—like a thread in the fabric of the human experience.

nine small square paintings of various Chinese street scenes