Photography Abroad


Summer in Italy: PH 311 International Photographic Study and Practice

This elective photography course focuses on the photographic image within a global environment. Students explore cultural themes and develop an understanding of digital photographic techniques including the proper use of digital cameras, managing digital files and sharing images via an image sharing website.

Photography majors may use this course to replace PH 351 in their 5th semester. (2 credits; 4 studio hours)

The class spends one week in Florence looking at art and photographing the city. After Florence the class moves to Milan for one week to experience that city's cosmopolitan energy and contemporary lifestyle through photographs. The class will end with 3 days in Como. Field trips include a ferry ride up Lake Como to Bellagio.

Full details can be found on our Study Abroad Horizons website.

If you have questions about the course, contact Ron Amato at [email protected]