Office of Policy and Compliance

The Office of Policy and Compliance (OPC) supports FIT’s academic programming, experiential learning opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and commitment to research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Compliance is an essential component to the college’s success. A robust compliance program helps us develop and reinforce a shared set of values and expectations that influence how we interact and collaborate with one another. The compliance program is designed to organize our compliance activities and to monitor our compliance with laws, regulations, college policies, and SUNY guidance.

Compliance is not an isolated activity - it happens every day, with every decision, for every employee. The Office of Policy and Compliance partners with departments and individuals in all our compliance activities to protect the college’s reputation and resources in a complex regulatory environment.   

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OPC Services

Help us help you! Some of the services OPC provides are:

  • Providing compliance tools and guidance to help prevent potential issues,
  • Guiding policy development and implementation, and communicating new and revised policies  to the college community,
  • Offering employee training programs to encourage best practices, and
  • Managing the college's records retention program, which includes assisting departments with their records retention needs.

Compliance Program and Structure

While each member of the college is responsible for ensuring the institution conducts itself ethically and in compliance with the laws, there are certain individuals throughout the college who are knowledgeable about, and have special responsibility for, maintaining compliance with specific laws and regulations. The Office of Policy and Compliance coordinates and collaborates with these compliance partners to provide a cohesive platform for FIT's compliance efforts.

Records Management

Proper records management is vitally important for FIT's compliance with state and federal laws and the 
New York State Archives LGS-1 Record Retention and Disposition Schedule. The Records Management Officer (RMO) has created a college-wide records management program that includes developing individual record retention schedules and records management standard operating procedures for each department to help properly retain and manage college records. 

Education and Training Programs

FIT offers compliance training to help us understand the requirements of federal, state, or local laws, SUNY Guidance, or FIT policy. Training is an ethical decision and the college has invested in this program because we value our employees; investing in training is investing in you! Training is so much more than checking a box. It makes us even better at what we do and improves how we relate to others in our workplace. 

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