Office of Policy and Compliance

The Office of Policy and Compliance (OPC) strives to meet the compliance needs of the FIT community by providing compliance tools and guidance, promoting and guiding policy development, and assisting the college community in understanding and applying policies. The office manages the policy lifecycle, coordinates the communication of new policies to the college community, and maintains the FIT college policy website, which contains official versions of all FIT policies. Along with these functions, the office provides effective education and training on many complex compliance issues to the entire FIT community, as well as overseeing the College's records management program.

While the office oversees, coordinates, and monitors FIT’s compliance efforts, it is the responsibility of the individual units to ensure compliance with regulations and policies associated with their respective areas. To that end, the office works with all college divisions to ensure that employees understand their roles and responsibilities for administering and maintaining an effective compliance program.

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