2020: The Future of Wellbeing


Assignment Brief: The Future of Wellbeing 

The concept of wellness is evolving across markets, cultures, and societies into a new global consumer focus on holistic wellbeing. This evolution is permeating a vast array of industries and public sectors, with deep roots in socioeconomics, politics, healthcare, and environmentalism. Given its multifaceted impact, the Capstone research assignment for the CFMM graduating class of 2020 was to explore The Future of Wellbeing from two perspectives - global and a domestic.

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WWD: FIT Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing Grads Hone in on Well- being 7/15/20 (.pdf)

The Pursuit of Global Wellbeing

Tasked with examining how nations work to protect and improve the wellbeing of their citizens, this research looked at the roles that governments and international institutions play in this evolving landscape. The investigation led the researchers to question the relevance of GDP as a true measure of a nation’s success. They proposed that in the future, governments will need to adopt a new measurement of success that incorporates the wellbeing of its citizens.

» The Pursuit of Global Wellbeing Infographic (.pdf)
» The Pursuit of Global Wellbeing White Paper  (.pdf)

U.S. Wellbeing: Beyond Beauty

This research examines how U.S. beauty consumer behaviors, attitudes, and expectations have evolved to prioritize a happy and fulfilled life through physical and mental wellbeing. In order to meet consumer expectations, the beauty industry will need to evolve and move beyond surface definitions of beauty and redefine its purpose. This study identifies strategies for the beauty industry, corporations, and brands to future-proof their businesses to remain relevant.

» U. S. Wellbeing: Beyond Beauty Infographic (.pdf)
» U. S. Wellbeing: Beyond Beauty White Paper  (.pdf)