Photography and Video

CER arranges photography needed by our division for institutional communications. We also maintain a photography archive of major college events and activities, as well as a photo library of selected campus and classroom images that you can access for communications materials.

Photography archives consist of the following categories:

  • the campus
  • faculty teaching in classrooms
  • students in academic settings
  • student life
  • classrooms, labs, studios, and campus facilities
  • special events

Photo Library

The photo library consists of selected images of the campus, classrooms, and FIT community. These images can be downloaded in high resolution for use in your FIT communications. 

Photo Library

Click on "Galleries" to view available photos.

If you need specialized images and are interested in viewing FIT’s photo archives or are looking for a specific image, please make an inquiry below.

Photography Point of View

Read about FIT's Photography Point of View in our toolkit.

Photography of Department Events

We assign a photographer to shoot events and activities that we plan to cover for college media.

To find out if we will be covering your event, please make an inquiry. If we won’t be covering it, we can provide recommendations of freelancers and typical rates should your department want to hire a photographer.

Photo Request Form

Video, Record Release Form, and Video Archive

If you are planning on having your event recorded for your event, find more video details here and attain a release form for your speakers.


Video Request Form