Environmental Health and Safety

Policy No: SS008

Policy Statement

FIT is committed to protecting the health and safety of the FIT community, including third parties, as well as the environment. The college achieves this through the appropriate compliance with the college’s policies and applicable laws and regulations. The college expects adherence to good environmental health and safety practices and compliance with laws and regulations by all members of the college community. Managers and supervisors, including deans, department chairs, and individual faculty members are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of appropriate environmental health and safety practices within their areas. These practices include, as appropriate:1) promulgation and enforcement of work rules to promote best environmental health and safety practices; 2) compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and college environmental health and safety procedures and rules; and 3) supporting an environmental health and safety culture throughout the college.

Who is Affected by this Policy

  • FIT Community
  • Third Parties (including vendors, contractors, etc.)

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator: Treasurer and Vice President for Finance and Administration 
  • Responsible Office: Environmental Health and Safety Compliance
  • Implementation History: Issued August 2018; Updated November 2020, April 2021, September 2021
  • Contact(s): Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration; Director, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance; Department Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance

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SS008, Environmental Health and Safety (.pdf)
*This PDF document is the official version of this policy.