Contemporary Rug Design

Expand your design skills and learn how to design and produce handmade rugs!

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2021 Dates TBA (Remote Online)
CRD 001
Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 6:10pm to 9:10pm EDT and Saturdays, 9:10am to 1:10pm EDT

Tuition: $1,410
Online Platform: Blackboard - Remote

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Many designers crave the necessary skills to create sensible designs for handmade luxury rugs for both residential and hospitality projects. Eliminating the guesswork is essential to prevent the wasting of resources with unproducible designs. This certificate infuses the creative thinker with invaluable information to align with the talent of willing artisans. This immersive, fast track, 5-week certificate focuses on an in-depth understanding of the common fibers, scale, and terminology used in handmade rugs. Students will create, develop and specify for their own contemporary rug collection using simple sketching and painting techniques as well as advanced digital applications. Responsible sourcing with attention to sustainable practices will be discussed. The certificate includes an introduction to Galaincha, a grid specific software used widely by producers of handmade rugs. Remote visits to rug galleries and conversations with professionals in the field included.

This certificate is the solution for interior designers, textile designers, home fashion product developers, artists and illustrators who desire an advanced understanding of the design and production of handmade rugs.

Some computer familiarity is ideal. FIT remote session will use PC.

*PC System Requirements for Galaincha Software: Windows 10 or Windows 8 (Latest update installed), .NET Framework 4.6, Intel Core i5, 4 GB of RAM or more, Full HD screen resolution, 850 MB hard drive space (x86), and a 2 GB hard drive (x64)

*When using a mac, Galaincha can be used via Parallel softwareStudent must purchase Parallel software to use on a mac at home. 

rug design in room

What You Will Learn

  • Identify handmade rug qualities with a focus on contemporary design
  • Specify surface techniques for production
  • Use and become familiar with rug terminology
  • Design a professional template for a rug in scale
  • Develop a palette for collection success
  • Become familiar with grid specific software and its importance in the rug industry
  • Optional access to grid specific software outside the classroom / Galaincha from Alternative Technologies
  • Sharpen your sourcing skills through on site visits to showrooms and studios

Why FIT?

  • Program developed and taught by professional rug design expert
  • Earn a certificate from FIT/SUNY, a world renowned college of art and design, business and technology

Meet Our Faculty

Deborah Hernandez
Deborah Hernandez
Rug Designer with 30+ years of design experience; Certified Color Specialist; Certified Green Accredited Professional SFC; Textile Surface Design, Adjunct Assistant Professor; Facilitator & Instructor, CCPS Color Certificate; Owner, The Rug Designer’s Studio, a division of DLHernandez INC

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