Maintaining Faculty Load

Retrieved from 9/16/2010 Memo to All Department Chairs

All new Part-time Faculty must complete all required forms from Human Resources before they can be added to Banner (Examples of forms: Employee Confidential, I-9, W4 etc.).

Once all forms are completed, HR will generate Employee Id # and enter information on PPAIDEN, PEAEMPL and SIAINST Banner forms.

Assignments are to be entered into the SIAASGN by the dates listed:

  • Fall Semester- June 16
  • Winter Session - December 16
  • Spring Semester - December 19
  • Summer 1/Summer 2 Sessions -May 16

The department secretary needs to enter Faculty Assignments in the SIAASGN Banner form. The secretary will search for the name and make sure the faculty has an employee ID, if not, s/he call HR to verify if the paperwork was submitted.

Faculty who receive approved release time hours must be entered on page 2 of the SIAASGN Banner form.

After entering all Faculty assignments, always run, print and edit the department report making sure that every assignment that was entered is on the report and designated correctly under either Day or Evening total. (Example: Online courses that are chosen by Full-time Faculty as part of their full-time Day load should print under their Day total.)

Assignments may be accepted on the SIAASGN Banner form but may not print on report. Problems with assignments not printing on the departmental report, invalid CRN #s and no workload hours, must be reported to the Registration Center, Susan Martinez at extension 73863.

Lourdes Rodriguez, Salary and Certification Manager, Office of Human Resources, should be notified when Part-Time Faculty assignments are dropped but a portion of the class has been taught for which all individuals must be paid.

The Department Chairperson must write to or call Lourdes Rodriguez, at extension73664, when there are any changes, additions and deletions of Faculty assignments made in the SIAASGN Banner form after Add/Drop period.

There will be absolutely no changes, adds or deletions to the SIAASGN Banner form after October 31st for Fall semesters and March 31st for Spring semesters. After these dates, Department Chairpersons must contact Lourdes Rodriguez, at extension 73664, for instructions.

After these dates, Department Chairpersons must contact Lourdes Rodriguez, at extension 73664, for instructions.

Please refer to sections 21.6.2, 21.6.3 and 21.6.4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Teaching Hours Limitation

Additional Classifications

If any of your faculty are working in additional classifications (staff/technologist, classroom assistant, non-classroom faculty) please contact Lourdes Rodriguez, at extension73664, to discuss maximum number of hours permitted in more than one classification.

Release Time/Hours Owed

You will receive a list of hours owed / release time report for the Fall 2010 semester around the end of October.

Please note: In some cases these hours are not being addressed by Department Chairpersons when they are assigning programs. As such, we are asking Department Chairpersons to conduct their scheduling for the Spring 2011 semester in accordance with hours the employee owes the College (overloads) and hours the college owes employees (underloads) and continue to do so until the hours owed balances are reduced.

The following contract sections address these hours owed and should be followed:

21.3.3 All full-time faculty in the Department shall receive full assignments, including any hours owed, before classes may be assigned in said Department to part-time faculty. If a full-time faculty member owes teaching hours during a Fall or Spring semester and it is impossible to give the faculty member a full program, including hours owed, during the day hours, the faculty member, with his/her approval, may be assigned evening teaching assignment hours as part of his/her regular program during that semester. The appropriate Divisional Dean will pay back to a faculty member the number of hours owed. Conversely, the faculty member will make up to the College the number of hours owed.

21.4.1 Except when a full-time faculty member owes hours to the College, no additional sections or extra hours in the day may be assigned to any full- time person if there is a part-time person on the Department AOP list who is qualified and available for the assignment. In the event a Department's total program is unbalanced over the academic year, a full-time faculty member may accept an overload in one (1) semester, compensated by an underload in the following semester.

Additionally, remember that Department Chairpersons with approved release time should not schedule day teaching hours. They should have a total of 12 hours including release time hours which will also be included on the report.

If you have any questions, please contact Lourdes Rodriguez, Salary and Certification Manager, at extension 73664.

Reassignment of Programs

Section 2.1.7 (reassignment of programs) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement has been modified as follows:

For full-time and part-time faculty, if registration (excluding any pre-registration time period) requires a Department to either add or cancel programs, reassignment of programs shall be within the discretion of the Department chair, in consultation with the affected faculty member(s) wherever possible, effective the first day of Winter for the Spring semester (this year Winter starts January 3, 2011) and the first day of Summer I for the Fall semester (this year Summer I started on July 6, 2011). It is clearly understood that the Chair has the sole prerogative of reassignment of the teaching schedule to the faculty members.

In addition, for all faculty, when a faculty member states that (s)he cannot fulfill a program assignment after course selection has been completed in the Department, the reassignment of programs shall be within the discretion of the Department chair.