Requests for space must be made by completing the Event Space Reservation Form. Reservation forms will be reviewed by the executive director of Events Management and Facilities Rental to determine if the event meets FIT's requirements.

Once an event is approved, a contract and invoice will be executed. Clients are required to sign and return the contract along with payment in full (preferably by credit card) for space rental and estimated labor. Space is not guaranteed until both the contract and payment are received in the Office of Events Management and Facilities Rental. FIT will bill the client for additional labor, equipment, and any other charges incurred at the conclusion of the event per our  Rates and Fees.

» Event Space Request Form

Reservations must be received no later than 30 days prior to the event date. Requirements for services (audiovisual, lighting, custodial, and catering) must be received no later than two weeks prior to the event. Last-minute changes and reservations cannot be guaranteed.

Client Responsibilities

Clients are required to provide the name of an accountable individual for the event. This accountable individual must be present at the event and is responsible for:

  • Planning and coordinating the event in conjunction with FIT's Events Management and Facilities Rental office;
  • Ensuring that event participation is in compliance with FIT's Rules and Regulations
  • Controlling access to any public assembly area. This includes but is not limited to: reviewing admissions tickets, supervising guest lists, monitoring the number attendees to not exceed room capacities.

FIT Responsibilities

FIT's Office of Events Management and Facilities Rental is responsible for the overall coordination of your event. This includes coordinating set-up, technical, maintenance, and security requirements. FIT will ensure that all appropriate permits are obtained and all systems are operating according to fire and safety codes.


Nikos Post, External Events Manager
Johanna Kendrick-Holmes, Interim Executive Director of Events

(212) 217-4120
(212) 217-4121 fax