Training Resources

Compliance Training 

FIT employees are required to take online compliance-related trainings based on an employees responsibilities or office functions.

The aim of these trainings is to provide FIT employees with a good review of our compliance principles and an in-depth introduction to laws and regulations that impact the way we do business.  As part of the online training, employees will experience an interactive test to help solidify their understanding of the laws and regulations, as well as FIT's policies so that they are equipped to conduct business in compliance with the law and FIT's policies.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Policy and Compliance.   

For access to your online training dashboard, including outstanding and completed online compliance training assignments, please log in to Vector LMS using your FIT username and password. 

Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET)  

The CET provides support for innovative, educational exploration across the curriculum, and CET staff work collaboratively with faculty to incorporate student-centered, pedagogically-sound technology into the classroom.

» Center for Excellence in Teaching

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

The objective of the EHS is to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus.

EHS facilitates an annual mandatory Right to Know/ Hazard Communication Training for specified FIT employees who: directly use chemicals, supervise employees or students who use chemicals, or order chemicals.

Please contact the EHS office for additional information at (212) 217-3750.

Division of Information Technology 

The Division of Information Technology offers workshops and training courses to current FIT employees on various system-based applications.  

For details of the latest training and workshops available, please visit Training Calendar and Courses.  

Affirmative Action 

The Equity and Inclusion workshop series is specifically geared towards the professional development of FIT's diverse campus community. All employees are required to complete this 5-part workshop, which explores sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, cultural competencies, implicit bias, microaggressions, and empathy.

This training will be on an annual basis, administered by the Title IX Office in consultation with The Office of the President, the Office of Human Resources, UCE of FIT and the Faculty Senate. Employees will register for the training throughout each year at times that are convenient to their individual schedules during the periods the training is offered.

Announcements of upcoming sessions will be communicated via FIT email.