Reducing Paper and other Resource Use

Tips for Faculty & Staff 

  1. Use a recycle box. Use an old copy paper box for recycling paper in your office, then dump the collected paper into a central recycling bin at the end of each week.
  2. Use hallway recycling containers. Encourage students to do the same.
  3. Re-use unwanted printed paper (memos, fliers) as copy paper: flip sheets over and print onto the blank side.
  4. Don't discard old documents with paper clips or binder clips attached. Re-use the paper clips and binder clips.
  5. Re-use file folders by re-labelling them or turning them inside out.
  6. Share excess office supplies; don't order supplies you don't need.
  7. Donate re-usable, unwanted items to students. Place them in hallways marked free or bring the items to your classes.
  8. Freecycle art and stationery supplies in The Center, Dubinsky Center, A739.
  9. Recycle batteries in The Center, Dubinsky, A739.
  10. Tell students about recycling. As part of your first day of class guidelines announce the hallway recycling locations to your students. Remind them to use the recycling bins periodically throughout the semester.
  11. Use fewer classroom handouts and make better use of Brightspace. Scan articles, handouts, lecture notes, and link to websites and videos.
  12. Donate unused textbooks to the annual book drive held or donate them to the FIT Library or a local library in your community. (Encourage students to donate as well.)
  13. Cancel unwanted junk mail and catalogs sent to your office by contacting the Mail Room at 7-4764 or by emailing Patrick Watson at [email protected].
  14. At home, take the time to call the 800 number on the catalogs you no longer want and have them canceled.
  15. Do not use paper fliers to advertise your schoolwide events. Use email or voicemail communication instead.