Media Relations

Policy No: CR006

Policy Statement

Outside media coverage of the college occurs both on and off the FIT campus on a regular basis. As a result, public perception and understanding of the brand and public image of the college are highly influenced by the media.

This policy provides procedures that members of the FIT community must take prior to FIT-related interactions with the media. It also clarifies the role of the Media Relations unit of FIT’s Communications and External Relations Division, both with the media and the college community. This policy will help ensure the integrity of FIT’s brand, image, and reputation; that media outreach and contact is coordinated to serve the best interests of the College; that the academic environment is not unduly disrupted; that recordings are made with any necessary documentable releases and consents by those being filmed, photographed, or spoken to; that appropriate location agreements and certificates of insurance are secured when required by FIT’s Office of General Counsel.

Employees and students, other college-affiliated individuals, and all external parties, including media, must work directly with the Media Relations (MR) unit of Communications and External Relations (CER) before planning, approving, or carrying out any interactions with the media.

Who is Affected by this Policy

  • All members of the FIT community—administrators, faculty, staff, and students
  • All members of the media, including editors, reporters, videographers, and photographers
  • All third parties and/or partners working with the college, especially those who wish to conduct media outreach and/or conduct interviews, videography, photography, and/or audio recordings for their own purposes

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s): Vice President for Communications and External Relations
  • Responsible Office(s): Communications and External Relations
  • Implementation History: Issued September 2018; Last Updated April 2024
  • Contact(s): Communications and External Relations

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CR006, Media Relations (.pdf) 
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