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Program Requirements and Course Descriptions

On this page, you will find links to program requirements for each major currently advised by the Academic Advisement Center. These links can help you make sure you are on track academically. If you have any questions about program requirements for these majors, please speak to your academic advisor or your department for more information. This information can also help you explore your options if you are thinking about changing majors or applying to an upper division program.

You will also find links about general education requirements at FIT, including a list of general education courses approved by SUNY. Below the general education course descriptions are links to related area course descriptions. Please be aware that not all courses are offered every semester. An academic advisor will be happy to go over your liberal arts requirements with you, regardless of what program you are in.

Please Note: Each program's curriculum page includes links to several years of program requirements. Your curriculum is based on the FALL semester of the academic year you began your program. For example, if you began your program in Fall 2017 OR Spring 2018, choose Fall 2017 to see your curriculum.

If you do not see a link to your year's curriculum, please click the following link to see the undergraduate catalog for the year that you entered for the requirements that apply to you. 

Current Program Requirements for All Majors

Click here to view the current degree requirements for each program. 

General Education Requirements 

General Education Course Descriptions

Related Area Course Descriptions

Please visit the Undergraduate Catalog for a complete list of courses by department.