Submission Guidelines

Please review the proposal requirements for your grant submission below and complete the application.

1. Cover Page 

A single cover page should include: 

  • proposed grant project title 
  • author’s name, office telephone number, and FIT email address 
  • department or unit/area of specialization 
  • names, signatures, and contact information of collaborators 
  • brief biographies of author and collaborators

2. Proposed Budget Page (for a budget of up to $5,000)

This page must include a detailed line budget with a description of how funds will be used. It should be in the form of a Microsoft Word table or Excel spreadsheet. PLEASE NOTE: If your proposal is accepted, your report, upon project completion, must include a summary of actual expenditures.

3. Proposal Narrative

A 500-1500 word document (approximately 1-3 pages) should summarize the proposal, excluding cover and budget pages. This must be a Microsoft Word document in 12 point type and Times New Roman font (or equivalent). It must include the information listed below. (See: Eligibility and Objectives)

  • Specific purpose/objectives of grant. Describe how the proposal’s objective will satisfy the goals of the Sustainability Council. Indicate what you expect to achieve and how your project meets an unmet need. 
  • Proposal rationale. Explain the importance of the project and describe how the proposal will meet each of the following goals and criteria:
    - Promote sustainability: What activities will you engage in to achieve this goal? How will these activities promote sustainability among the collaborators, the campus community, and the larger community?
    - Enhance understanding of sustainability: What activities will you engage in to achieve this goal? 
  • Timeline of activities. Identify the steps and provide the timeline for planning, promoting, and implementing the project and activities. Note that all services and products required for the project must be ordered and received by June 30 of the funding (academic) year. 
  • Institutionalization plan. Discuss the project’s impact on the FIT community and how the benefits of the project could continue beyond the funding period. 
  • Evaluation measures. Describe how you will measure and evaluate your project’s impact and success. If your proposal is accepted and completed, this will be an important element of your written report and project presentation to the Sustainability Council.

NOTE: If projects include travel expenses for grantees or guests, applicants should indicate how they will offset their project’s travel carbon footprint. For example if plane travel is involved, grantees could plant trees through the city’s “Million Tree” campaign.

4. Abstracts and Biographies, Resumes, Personal Bio, Curriculum Vitae, Letters of Invitation and/or Acceptance

When and where appropriate, these documents will be required for proposals that involve speakers or other experts.

5. Letter of Support from Department Chairperson, School Dean, or Divisional Vice President

Only those proposals that are reviewed and supported by the department chairperson/director, and school dean or divisional vice president to whom your unit reports will be considered. These letters of support indicate that they are agreeing that the author(s) have their approval, and that there aren’t any issues from their end on the successful execution of the project.