Homecoming/Legacy Week

Legacy Week

2018 Legacy Week at FIT

October 15 - 19, 2018      fitnyc.edu/legacy     #LegacyWeek

Homecoming is a time honored collegiate tradition that can be traced as far back as 1908. Although the modern college homecoming is tied to athletics, the tradition itself is meant to unite alumni, faculty, and current students to celebrate their institution as well as continue the traditions of the past. FIT continues that tradition, as we have for over 30 years, during Legacy Week. FIT incorporates the following four principles that serve to bring together the entire community:

  • SPIRIT - demonstrates both academic and athletic pride
  • CONNECTIONS - unite students, alumni, and faculty together
  • FAMILY - honors the commitment of our students' families
  • COMMUNITY - celebrates service and community partnerships


Legacy Week is sponsored by the Division of Enrollment Management & Student Success, Athletics & Recreation, Residential Life, the Department of Student Life, Alumni Engagement and Giving, the FIT Library, the FIT Student Government Association, the Residential Hall Association, the FIT Bookstore, and the FIT Style Shop.  

Sonne Bajwa, FITSGA; Yon Hee Allen, FITSGA; Sureme Laster Bey, Alumni Relations; Michelle Van-Ess, Student Life; Keith Heron, Athletics & Recreation; Catlin Wojtkowski, Student Life; Denise Delgado, Student Life; Andrea Hernandez, Residential Life; Marissa Stephani, Student Life