These are some of the questions we receive most often in the Department of Student Life. Don't see yours? Let us know at [email protected].

All students pay a student activity fee each semester. These funds are allocated by the FIT Student Government Association to clubs and organizations to pay for extra-curricular activities on and off campus.

Getting involved with your student government in one of the most fulfilling roles you can take on as a student leader.  In this position, you serve as an ambassador for the student body and actively work towards meeting student institutional goals with students, faculty, staff and administration.

To learn more about available positions or large event committees, visit the FIT Student Government Association office: Dubinsky Student Center, Room A-724. The office is staffed Monday-Friday, 10 am - 5 pm.

You can also find information on the FIT SGA website about elections, meetings, and events. 

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is not a club.  Joining the SAB is a merit-based paid professional employment opportunity.  It is a student organization that serves, functions, develops, and implements large-scale student programming as an extension of the Department of Student Life. 

Recruitment for the next cohort begins during the fall semester. Our executive positions require that you be matriculated for one academic year and have some campus leadership experience; other positions require one academic semester and little to no experience. 

Due to the time and work required to serve on the SAB, members may not serve as resident advisors, orientation leaders, club presidents, or club treasurers. Visit the SAB website for more information.  

Any student who has paid the student activity fee can join any of our wonderful Clubs and Organizations. Meet current members and sign up at Club Fairs held in September and February.  For details about specifid groups, including when and where they meet, visit the Club Directory on FIT Link.

All you need are ten interested students, one faculty or staff advisor, and a stated purpose to start.  

Registration of new clubs happens during the fall semester only, and kicks off with New Club Workshops. Once you attend a New Club Workshop, you will have all the information you need on the registration process. 

For more information on New Club Workshops, contact [email protected]

Flyers and advertisements need approval if they are to be hung on academic and administrative bulletin boards.  You must submit the artwork to the Department of Student Life at least 10 business days prior to your desired posting date to ensure consideration. Student Life will notify you of approval or revisions via email within five business days. See: Campus Posting Policy

Visit the Department of Student Life, read the bulletin boards around campus, and read the weekly "FIT This Week" emails.  Also follow us on Instagram @Studentlife_FIT or like us on Facebook at Department of Student Life at FIT for the most up to date coverage on student programs and life on campus! 

Cash or money orders only; no checks or credit cards.

The Registrar's Office will conduct a degree audit and notify candidates when they are eligible for graduation. You must apply for graduation and receive approval from the Registrar before you can graduate. This is a separate process from commencement.

If you want to participate in commencement exercises, you will be notified of commencement registration early in the spring semester. See: Commencement at FIT

Twice a year the student government funds a weekend off campus retreat for students interested in learning about the skills and qualities of being a leader. You can apply to attend. See: Leadership Weekend

In order to volunteer:

  • You must be an FIT student.
  • You must fill out the online SVCS volunteer application.
  • You must sign up for volunteer opportunities in person.

After filling out the online application, you will automatically be placed in an email group, where you will receive volunteer opportunities as they become available.

All the details are on our Civic Engagement page. 

Work ethic is what leads to additional opportunities with some of the organizations that request our students. We have a great relationship with the Career and Internship Department and refer organizations that we service to them so as to become registered organizations.

Volunteering is limitless, we do however, want to make sure that the main reason you are here at FIT, is for the academics.

Visit the Department of Student Life and ask to speak to the Volunteer Coordinator to register to vote throughout the year.  In the fall semester a voter registration drive takes place at the SVCS Volunteer EXPO.

The Center is located on the 7th floor of the Dubinsky Student Center and open Monday through Friday, 10-6pm.  As you exit the elevator turn left, Room A-739. The Center sponsors workshop, seminars, videos, free magazine, free-cycle program and other activities to help students develop leisure time hobbies and skills.

Yes. There is an interfaith referral center located in Room A-707A on the 7th floor of the Dubinsky Student Center.

No.  All first time FIT students are automatically registered for Fall/Spring New Student Orientation. (This includes transfer Students)

New Student Orientation is required, and we hope you will participate fully.  The entire week is designed to help you transition to FIT and NYC.

There are no fees required to attend the New Student Orientation, however some optional events and activities do require payment.

Yes, there are specific programs designed for families, but the bulk of the New Student Orientation is designed for first time FIT students.