Complaint Intake Process

The Sexual Misconduct Response Policy governs the conduct of all the members of FIT’s community, such as employees and students, and non-members of FIT’s community, such as contractors, vendors and visitors. Non-members of FIT’s community are both protected by and subject to this policy.

A non-member may make a complaint or report of a violation of this policy committed by a member of FIT’s community. A non-member may also be permanently barred from FIT or 3 subject to other restrictions for failing to comply with this policy. This policy applies to conduct that occurs on and off FIT’s campus. 

If you would like to submit a complaint of sexual misconduct, you may fill out this form. This form will be accepted as a Formal Complaint pursuant to the Title IX Grievance Policy, in addition to cases reviewed under the Sexual Misconduct Response Policy. Upon completion of this form, the Title IX office will reach out to you via email. 

» Informal Resolution Process Information

» Sexual Misconduct Complaint Intake Form