Five Installment Payment Plan

  • pay tuition and allowable fees in five monthly interest free installments
  • automatic bill adjustments
  • email reminders for payment due dates and account changes


  • matriculated or degree student
  • minimum account balance of $500
  • enrolled in fall or spring semester
  • no past due balances on any account
  • U.S. residents only 

There is a non-refundable fee of $30 due at the time of enrollment.  The first installment is due on August 1 (fall semester) and January 1 (spring semester).  Subsequent installment payments are due on the first day of the following months.

Installment amounts may change for any new charges, payments, or financial aid adjustments. Fees such as fines, graduation, ID cards, locker, and transcript fees may not be included in your budget. You are responsible for any charges not included in your budget.

Failure to meet the terms of your agreement may result in additional late payment fees, plus interest charges on your remaining balance. A hold will be placed on your student account and you may be denied future enrollment in any payment plan. If your balance remains outstanding your account will be placed with a collection agency and you will be responsible for any additional collection costs.  


  • Log in to MyFIT
  • Click on Student
  • Click on View Student Account and Pay E-Bill
  • Click on Monthly Payment Plan
  • Use the form to enroll

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