Supplies for Fall Live 2022

High school live classes are offered remotely through Google Classroom and in-person on the FIT campus this fall. Please review the required supplies for each course, as some courses will need students to acquire software, equipment or tools for full participation.

Please click here for general tips on gathering supplies for your Precollege class

Classes and Required Materials

Advertising and Marketing Communications

HAC 063 Introduction to Advertising and Marketing Communications

  • Pen and paper for note taking
  • Magazines/and or newspapers for reviewing ads (Print or Digital)
  • Internet access to websites, social media, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Fashion Business Management:

HFM 064 The Ins & Outs of Fashion Merchandising

  • Pen & pad or laptop for note taking.
  • FIT username and password log in formation 

HFM 065 Product Development: Creativity and Business

  • FIT username and password.

HFM 066 Careers in Fashion Styling

  • Note-taking Materials
  • Notebook and pen, tablets or laptops are allowed.
  • We will be making mood boards in class. You may choose to do this digitally on your computer, or on larger size paper (16 x 20 suggested) and use markers, paint, magazine clippings and anything else you see fit. 

Fashion Design-Apparel 

HAP 024 Sewing for Fashion Designers

  • Scissors- All Purpose- 8-10” (Fiskars, Gingher, Wiss or Mundial)
  • Pinking Sheers (optional)
  • Thimble to fit middle finger
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Hand sewing needles (Sharp size 7-9 is best)
  • Home Sewing machine Needles (90/14 is used for cotton fabric)
  • Seam ripper
  • Pastel stone dressmaker chalk or fabric marking pencil/pen
  • Tape measure (60”)
  • Lge Safety Pins
  • Clear Graph plastic ruler (Westcott size 1x12, 2x12, 1x18 or 2x18)
  • Lge Spool of Thread (cotton or poly to match student”s fabric)
  • Notebook & Pencil 

Fashion Design-Art

HAR 016 Introduction to Fashion Design Art

  • Scissors
  • Double sided Scotch Tapes
  • Colored Pencils: A set of Prismacolor pencils or similar brand although Prismacolor is softer (set of 12 or 24)
  • Colored Markers: Flesh tones (recommended tones below)  plus 5 individual choice color options
  • Sharpie Fine Point Pen
  • White- Out Pens
  • Recommended Flesh Markers
    • Chartpak brand
      • pale flesh P14, buff color P-139, sand P-142, mocha P-70 
      • Copic brand, E13 lt. suntan, color E00

HAR 089 Fashion Portfolio Development

  • Kneaded eraser
  • 2H pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 11"x 14" tracing paper pad11" x 14" marker pad (Border & Riley layout visual bond #37 or similar)
  • Folder or large envelope to store supplies, swatches, and reference materials.
  • Markers: Chartpak, Copic or similar (Will be discussed in detail in first class)
    • Skin Tone Markers: (Will be discussed in detail in first class)
    • Prismacolor Premier Color pencils:  (Will be discussed in detail in first class)
    • Colorless Blender (Will be discussed in detail in first class)

Fine Arts

HFA 148 Fine Arts Portfolio

  • 18” x 24” all-purpose paper pad. (Strathmore/ Bristol)
  • Ebony Pencil or Graphite Pencils (B2/ 4/ 6/)
  • 2 sheets - 18”x 24”, medium grey charcoal paper
  • 2 sheets -  18”x 24”, colored paper of your choice
  • 2 sheets of watercolor paper, aprox. 18”x24
  • Charcoal Pencil (medium or soft) Black + White
  • Vine charcoal-small box(medium)
  • Compressed charcoal- 2 sticks (medium or soft)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Erasers: Any plastic eraser will do.
  • Small container of black ink (Higgins, India, Sumi or Chinese ink will do)
  • Small soft brush,( watercolor or ink brush will do, ½ or ¾ inch wide.)
  • Small tube of inexpensive white and black acrylic paint
  • Containers or cups for water
  • Something you can use as a pallet (paper or plastic plate etc.)
  • Sharpie permanent ink pen, fine point.
  • Small white glue ( such as SOBO Glue)
  • Scissors, or A-xacto knife (A-x acto knife #1 or #2

Interior Design

HID 031 Portfolio Skills for Interior Designers

  • Sketchbook (can also be used for note taking) – unlined preferred, at least 9” x 12” preferred
  • Black Felt-Tip Sketching Pen/Marker – Ex:  Flair or Pentel Sign Pen suggested
  • (3) Lead Pencils with sharpener and white eraser (other erasers are acceptable) - Preferred you get one of each of the following:  2H, H, and HB (If you cannot get one of each of these pencils, we can make it work with a regular lead pencil)
  • 12” long Architect’s Scale – with fractions
    • Be sure this is an Architect’s Scale and NOT an Engineer’s Scale (Inexpensive versions are fine. The architect’s scale is preferred, but a 12” ruler will suffice).
  • Roll of 12” long (white is preferred but yellow okay) or 11” x 17” Pad of Tracing Paper
  • Graph Paper – 4x4, aka 4 squares per inch – 8.5” x 11” sheets - It is very important you get the correct size grid!
  • Magazines, Catalogs or Images to print from Google Images (Magazines and catalogs need not be new or up-to-date)
  • Scissors (Xacto or Olfa knives are acceptable as well and can be helpful)
  • Roll of drafting tape – masking tape or even painter’s tape works also!
  • Glue Stick, or any glue (wet glue or rubber cement will be helpful for model building) (Double-sided tape also acceptable)
  • For model building, you will be asked to be creative in your collection of materials (scrap paper, cardboard, poster board, foam core, old boxes etc).  Other helpful materials that you may have on hand that we will use will be blue painter’s tape, wet glue, hot glue, straight pins, twine, string, thread, old buttons, twist ties, plastic straws, coffee filters, etc.  Start collecting things that you think may work!


HPH 159 Digital Camera Use & Photography for the Beginner 

  • A notebook and pen
  • DSLR camera or point and shoot camera. DSLR cameras will give you better results. If you don’t have a DSLR camera*
    • ** You can borrow a DSLR  camera at FIT, but only during class time **
  • USB/external hard drive with sufficient disc space.. Recommendation for SD card, 16GB or 32GB.