Student Awards of Honor

2024 School of Art and Design Awards

One-Year Associate Medals

Ashley Cajigas, Communication Design Foundation

Alexandra Fallavolli, Fashion Design

Yasselly Moronta, Footwear and Accessories Design

Nana Osako, Textile/Surface Design

Two-Year Associate Medals

Angelina Ao, Communication Design Foundation

Cecilia Feltner, Fashion Design

Cynthia Griffin, Fine Arts

Benjamin Kohan, Footwear and Accessories Design

Aleksey Nisenboym, Illustration

Jacqueline Brownstein, Interior Design

Mark Acker, Jewelry Design

Mark Rokusek, Menswear

Allison Simms, Photography and Related Media

Toby Wyman, Textile/Surface Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts Medals

Rachel Quan, Advertising and Digital Design

Qinyi Mei, Animation, Interactive Media, & Game Design Media

Maya Davila, Fabric Styling

Olivia Masters-Schneiderman, Fashion Design

Isabel Azpeitia, Fine Arts

Kyle Reynolds, Footwear and Accessories Design

Angel Melgar Canchari, Graphic Design

Bonnie Wong, Illustration

Mitch Dean, Interior Design

Adi Nimrodi, Packaging Design

Abbygail Coston, Photography and Related Media

Abigail Caimano, Spatial Experience Design

Keidy Resituyo, Textile/Surface Design

Lydia Liu, Toy Design

2024 Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology Awards

One-Year Associate Medals

Julien Lester, Advertising and Marketing Communications

Sydney Volker, Fashion Business Management

Two-Year Associate Medals

Medals Meghan Connolly, Advertising and Marketing Communications

Tianyu Bao, Fashion Business Management

Seoyeon Jeong, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries

Quincey Van Der Mas, Textile Development and Marketing

Bachelor of Science Medals

Nadya Kahn, Advertising and Marketing Communications

Karlee Ingegno, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing

Frankie Corney, Direct and Interactive Marketing

Kendyl Woodruff, Entrepreneurship for the Fashion and Design Industries

Samantha Salgado, Fashion Business Management

Arryiana Gordon, Home Products Development

Isabelle Rosa, International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries

Deidra Carbente, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries

Zachary Baksh, Technical Design

Samantha Galanti, Textile Development and Marketing

2024 School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Awards

Two-Year Associate Medals

Victoria Mahabal, Film and Media

Bachelor of Science Medals

Sofia Santos, Art History and Museum Professions

John Kelly, Film and Media


2024 FIT Foundation Awards

School of Art and Design

Mitch Dean, Interior Design, The Andrew and Phyllis Seifer Award

Christien Lamoth, Footwear and Accessories Design, Andrew Pizzo Memorial Senior Night Award

Andrea Alexander, Textile/Surface Design, Arthur I Caine Memorial Award

Hazel Choi, Textile/Surface Design, Billie Gordon's Dean's Award

Mengyu Wu, Fashion Design, Brian J. Zientek Memorial Endowed Award 

Yuval Izhaki, Interior Design, David Derrick Travel Award

Jennifer Oguagha, Graphic Design, Diane LaRaja Award

Riley Grossman, Fashion Design, Eugene Rothkopf Award in Knitwear Design

Maya Cavounis, Fashion Design, Evelyn Dawson Wynn Memorial Award

Jordan Adams, Footwear and Accessories Design, FIT Endowed Millinery Scholarship in Memory of Lillian Anber Aramony

Sebastian Rice, Fine Arts, Frank Shapiro Memorial Senior Night Award

Jami Palmer, Packaging Design, George L. Wybenga Award

Maggie Albert, Interior Design, Glenn Boyles Memorial Dean’s Award

Marta Kolano, Interior Design, Harriet and Charles Stern Sustainable Interior Environment Research and Design Award

Logan Perry, Fashion Design, The High Fashion Group/Jack Weinstock Award in Fashion Design

Jessica Liang, Interior Design, Interior Design Department Commencement Award

Andrea Maris, Fashion Design, James T. Clarke Memorial Award

Emily Chibnik, Textile/Surface Design, Jean L. Rosenblatt Award

Ryan Johnson, Fine Arts, Joseph J. Amato/Mary Mills Memorial Award

Jacqueline Brownstein, Interior Design,
Julius Panero and Martin Zelnik Interior Design Award

Maria Kapetani, Interior Design, Lawrence J. Israel Interior Design Award

Fran Teng, Spatial Exhibition Design, Mary Costantini Award

Bianca Camargo, Fashion Design, Mary Douglass Dean’s Award

Kulsoom Hasan, Textile/Surface Design, Pauline Halper Dean’s Award

Gloria Echevarria, Fashion Design, Rickee Oleet Endowed Memorial Award

Yuval Izhaki, Interior Design, Ronald and Anne Lubman Interior Design Award

Abigail Brooks, Textile/Surface Design, Rose Lanzillotti Memorial Dean’s Award

Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology

Emilia Coto, Technical Design, Cassandra and Michael Williams FIT Commencement Award

Karen DeSouza, Technical Design, Cassandra and Michael Williams FIT Commencement Award

Sara Tota, Technical Design, Cassandra and Michael Williams FIT Commencement Award

Aubrey Bethon, Textile Development and Marketing, James I. Spiegel Dean’s Award 

Julia Bender, Fashion Business Management, Jerry Adler Dean's Award

Jenny Wu, Advertising and Marketing Communications, The Jodi Tilton /Jones Apparel Group Award

Emily Everett, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries, John Paul Stellefson Memorial Award

Elle Bernier, Fashion Business Management, Minnie Mallov Stone Memorial Commencement Award

Ashley Choi, Textile Development and Marketing, Morris Rothman Memorial Award

Alice Franco, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries, Production Management Alumni Award

Andrea Kobayashi, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries, Production Management Alumni Award

Sally Li, Textile Development and Marketing, Raymond Nordheim Memorial Senior Night Award

Cydnee Inuma, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, Revlon Commencement Award

Autumn Contoyannis, Fashion Business Management, Gladys Marcus Commencement Award

Center for Continuing and Professional Studies

Sofia Vizitiu, Fashion Design, Alfred B. Wagner Memorial Continuing Education Award

SUNY Chancellor's Awards for Student Excellence

Natasha Bwalya, Advertising and Digital Design

Tiffany Gaffney, Fashion Design

Alexa Scotti, Fashion Business Management

Kendyl Woodruff, Entrepreneurship for the Fashion and Design Industries