Goal 4

Initiative Task

Cross- Cutting Initiative 4.1

Develop strategic enrollment plans for students in several markets.


Engage consultants to conduct market research in order to gather information about potential markets:

  • Assess recruitment efforts;
  • Develop a marketing communications plan.

4.1.2 -New Task(Spring 2010)

Develop a plan to strategically implement selected recommendations in the Stamats report for the undergraduate and graduate schools.


4.1.3 - New Task (Spring 2010)

Restructure the admissions office (and other offices as appropriate) and review all admissions processes and procedures to create a structure that supports strategic recruitment. This includes transforming the Admissions Office which has been an application processing operation into a full scale admissions operation which includes strategic recruitment. Funds were set aside during the FY 09 budget process to establish and support this new unit.


New Task - 4.1.4 (Spring 2010)

Using data supplied through the Office of Institutional Research, assess the academic programs currently offered to determine which programs should grow and which programs are not attracting students and why.

Cross-Cutting Initiative 4.2

Take proactive steps to attract a greater number of applicants from New York City


Based on the results of market research, develop a plan to increase communications about Business and Technology and Art and Design programs to the New York City high school population.


4.2.2 - New Task (Spring 2010)

Develop a formalized plan to strategically attract New York City high students for pre-college and degree programs. This could be incorporated into the plan described in 4.1.1. above. This will be part of the overall recruitment plan.

Cross-Cutting Initiative 4.3

Increase the number of bachelor degree program cohorts transferring from other institutions.


Develop a plan to increase the number of domestic and international transfer students into bachelor degree programs without affecting internal acceptance.

Cross-Cutting Initiative 4.4

Enhance strategic recruitment efforts focused solely on the School of Art and Design and Business and Technology.

(Note: this initiative should be incorporated into the overall recruitment plan)


Based on the results of market research, develop recruitment strategies for the full range of FIT programs in these two schools.



Develop an institutional vision statement (derived from each Schools mission statement which includes key messages and core competencies.

Business and Technology Initiative 4.1

Educate prospective students and their parents about degree program choices.


Design promotional materials including websites and brochures by major.



Increase the number of Business and Technology courses in Saturday Live.

Liberal Arts Initiative 4.1

Increase external visibility for the Liberal Arts.


Include the Liberal Arts in FIT marketing:

  • Market the importance of liberal arts in an FIT education;
  • Market the availability of liberal arts courses to external summer, winter, and non-degree students.


Enhance the Liberal Arts website.

Liberal Arts Initiative 4.2

Collaborate with the School of Continuing and Professional Education.


Explore and promote options, which may include:

  • specialized certificate programs;
  • pilots of various schedules to attract more students in summer and winter;
  • Summer ESL Institute.

School of Graduate Studies 4.1

Strengthen the schools visibility in order to attract a strong caliber of students and faculty and to secure external support through research and fundraising.



Based on the results of market research, develop a recruitment and marketing plan to support the school mission. It should include:

  • Creating a website;
  • Expanding advertising and public relations efforts;
  • Increasing community involvement in school activities;
  • Outreach to other educational institutions and industries;
  • Attracting noteworthy speakers, personalities, and faculty;
  • Hosting industry-sponsored competitions.

Continuing and Professional Studies Initiative 4.1

Enhance strategic recruitment efforts focused on promoting the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.


Expand marketing, public relations, and advertising plan for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies programs and studies.


4.1.2 - New Task (Spring 2010)

Develop a plan to strategically implement selected recommendations in the Aslanian report for the adult market (evening/weekend degree programs).