Fall 2014: Hot Off the Press NPD Collaboration


CFMM treasures its alliance with beauty companies and executives, and this first-of-its kind collaboration with NPD, the leading retail tracking firm, exemplifies the program’s mission to be “The Beauty Industry’s Think Tank.” As their individual projects for CF 663, Graduate Seminar in Advanced Topics in Marketing, taught by Professor Brooke Carlson, students developed presentations on Emerging Trend Predictions and Future Implications. Each student was charged with researching three categories—beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and research included a Trend Trek in Lower Manhattan facilitated by Firmenich. This project was not about identifying the obvious, but rather sensing, distilling, and predicting what is emerging or about to emerge. “Not only were the students challenged to do extensive research, but they also had to ideate and describe their predictions in an innovative and unique manner,” said Professor Carlson.

The results surpassed all expectations. When Karen Grant, NPD Global Beauty Industry Analyst, learned of the research, she asked to include three of the reports in NPD’s annual “Hot Off the Press” Year in Review presentation to beauty industry leaders. She found that their research, analysis, and creative reports not only supported the 2015 industry results, but also aligned with the trends identified by NPD for 2016.

Assignment Brief: Beauty Meets Non-Beauty: Co-Making a Product Line

How can marketers and brands stand out above the competition in a field bombarded with new products and a mind numbing number of me too launches? One way is to partner with brands or companies outside of your product category. In this case, new products are jointly co-made by both companies, leveraging the customers and assets of each brand in a stand out, win-win proposition. Examples include Taco Bell and Doritos (Doritos Locos Tacos) and Nike and Apple (fuel brand).

Students in the Advanced Topics in Marketing class were challenged to carry this concept over to beauty. Divided into four groups, the students selected one beauty and one non-beauty brand for which they co-made a highly strategic, and highly disruptive, product that would benefit both brands. Here is their research.

Kaleidoscope HD | MAC and Samsung

KALEIDOSCOPE HD cover graphic

Wearable technology is re-imagined with the first-ever device that allows consumers to capture any color instantaneously and apply it directly to their lips. Created as a joint venture between Samsung and MAC, a member of the Estée Lauder Companies, Kaleidoscope HD leverages Samsung's technological expertise in color captures and the Estée Lauder Companies strength in developing and marketing beauty products. Inspired by MAC, powered by Samsung. See it. Capture it. Wear it.

» Download the Kaleidoscope HD White Paper (.pdf)

Playful Beauty | Lush and Lego

PLAYFUL BEAUTY cover photo

Leveraging the iconic colorful blocks of Lego and the playful, creative beauty products of Lush, Lego by Lush connects the gap between the future of the beauty and the toy industries. Just imagine Lego shaped BodyBricks that melt away for a bubbly color infused bath or a personalized Playlette color cosmetics makeup palette.

This co-made range of beauty products encourages the inner imagination to run wild with colorful, playful, and personalized products that create new opportunities for both brands and enhance the in-store experience.

» Download the Playful Beauty White Paper (.pdf)

G Series | Gillette and Gatorade

G SERIES cover graphic

G-Series is the first-ever electrolyte powered 3-step skincare system for men. It combines Gatorade's patented micro-electrolyte and Gillette's tailored conditioning formulas to fuel the most active men's skin. The 3-steps comprise Prime, Perform, and Recover to cleanse, enhance, and protect active skin. Performance reveals heart. Passion shows soul. Follow your passion, it will guide you to your Goals. Play. Explore. Yearn.

Set goals only you can keep. Stay you, stay smooth. Endure all you can. Be safe, be hydrated, be the greatest you can be.

» Download the G-Series White Paper (.pdf)

Farm to Fresh | Fresh and Whole Foods

FARM TO FRESH cover graphic

Fresh, the experiential skincare brand dedicated to the highest quality natural ingredients partners with Whole Foods Market, the worlds #1 natural food chain dedicated to its consumers and the planet, to present Farm to Fresh, Hand Crafted Customized Masks.

Combining a natural yogurt base with fresh and locally sourced organic ingredients from Whole Foods and adding the efficacy of special skincare boosters backed by the expertise of Fresh, Farm to Fresh is an innovative beauty line of masks that is 100% natural and handcrafted.

» Download the Farm to Fresh White Paper (.pdf)