Degree Audits

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a degree audit program designed to assist you in monitoring your progress towards graduation.  It compares your academic achievement to the major requirements as found in the college catalog

It is strongly recommended that you meet regularly with an academic advisor to review the information displayed on your Degree Works audit.   It is your responsibility to review and confirm your audit is accurate before and after registering for classes.

Degree works can be accessed in MyFIT.

What are the benefits of using Degree Works?

DegreeWorks provides students with access to their individualized advisement audit.  The audit shows:

  • all requirements for your degree
  • how completed and in-progress courses apply to  your degree requirements
  • what courses are needed to complete your degree
  • your grades and academic standing
  • your overall GPA
  • transfer courses with T grades
  • What-If audits for requirements if intending to change your major or add a minor

Important note: Degree Works is not your official transcript. Degree Works is a guide to assist you as you work with your academic advisor to plan toward the completion of your degree.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DegreeWorks can be accessed in the Student/Online Resources shortcut area of MyFIT portal.  You may need to select Fashion Institute from the drop list of SUNY campuses and login again using your FIT log in. 

Degree Works is updated every 15 minutes.  Any changes made (e.g., grade changes or classes added/dropped) may not appear until you wait 15 minutes, and log back into Degree Works.

Degree Works automatically displays the Student View which shows all your courses and requirements.  

  • Completed courses/requirements are indicated by a green check mark
  • In progress courses/requirements are indicated by a blue half circle
  • Missing courses/requirements are indicated by an open red circle.
  • Excess Courses Not Applied to this Degree block lists elective courses that do not apply to your current major requirements.
  • Insufficient Grades block lists courses that do not apply to degree requirements because the courses do not have passing grades.
  • If you hover over any course number with your mouse, the name and credit hours for the course will display. 

Before registering for your final semester, use the Registration Checklist option to see only missing requirements.  Select the drop down in the Academic Section under Student View.  

Degree Works is s tool to provide you with academic information related to your degree progress. It displays courses required and completed in your degree program. Your transcript is your official College record and provides a chronological list of courses you completed in semester order, and other academic information. 

Several times a semester.  You should always review your Audit:

  • Before you meet with your academic advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming semester.
  • After you register to ensure that the courses you selected applied to your requirements like you thought they would, and that all of your scheduled courses apply to your current degree program.
  • After registering for your final semester,  confirm you are registered for all of the degree requirements and then submit your  Graduation Application in MyFIT.  
  • After your grades for each semester are posted
  • Anytime you make a change to your schedule, or have questions about what you need to complete your degree

If your request to substitute a course is approved the department chair or other approver must send an email to [email protected] for review and final processing in Degree Works.  Once approved it will show in Degree Work to fulfill your requirement with an Exception notation.

Please ask your academic advisor for assistance.  Below are the most common problems and courses of action.

  • My major/degree program is wrong on my audit
    Admissions handles all major and degree program changes including AAS students applying for a Bachelors.  Be sure to follow the directions on Candidate Reply Form (the second page of your admission letter)  to confirm your seat, which typically requires a tuition deposit.  Once you reply or pay your deposit,  your audit should  update in about 48 hours.   
  • I am studying abroad or taking courses off campus and the courses don't appear on my audit
    Study abroad and off campus courses must be pre-approved to transfer but will not show on your audit until we receive an official transcript with your final grades and transfer in the credits.  You can compare your approval form with your audit and consult your advisor to keep track of your progress and when to apply for graduation.  
  • I don't see my minor on my audit
    Please review the minor declaration guidelines with your advisor and if applicable, your advisor will send the official request to add your minor to the Registrar's office for confirmation.  Once your minor is confirmed it will typically show on your audit within 24 hours.  
  • The requirements for my major are wrong.
    Requirements for most majors change over time and are tied to the catalog year in which you were admitted or readmitted in your major. If you think your audit is incorrect, check the catalog term that appears on the major requirements block of the audit. According to our records this is the catalog term that applies to you. If you believe the catalog year is incorrect, contact an advisor.
  • Classes are not applying in the “right” place.
    Some liberal arts and major and related area electives can fulfill multiple requirements.  This is normal and should be in your best interests. However, if you are concerned, please contact your advisor.
  • My transfer courses don't appear in the right place.
    If you are concerned about how your transfer courses are being applied to your audit,  you can discuss with your advisor or email  [email protected].
  • My advisor or major department chair gave me permission to substitute a course, but it's not showing on my audit.
    If your request to substitute a course is approved the department chair or other approver must send an email to [email protected] for review and final processing in Degree Works.  Once approved it will show in Degree Work to fulfill your requirement with an Exception notation.

Degree Works Help

 If you are in an AAS, BFA, or BS program and you have additional questions about your Degree Works audit, contact the Registrar's Office at [email protected].  

Master's students in a graduate program, contact your major department about your degree audit.

Although every effort is made to ensure the information on the degree audit is correct, it is your responsibility to review the audit and confirm its accuracy, successfully complete in-progress courses, and register for the proper sequence of courses to satisfy degree requirements.