Degree Audits

Degree audits are designed to assist you with planning and tracking your progress toward graduation by comparing your academic record against the requirements for your degree. Your completed FIT courses, transfer credit, and in-progress courses are included in your degree audit.

>> All new students admitted to FIT for Spring 2023  can use Degree Works to check their progress toward degree completion.

>> Continuing students who were admitted before Spring 2023 can still use DARS.

Degree audits can be accessed in MyFIT. 

About Degree Works

  • The audit is divided into blocks for each type of requirement. Each block consists of a checklist with boxes that are checked when a requirement is met.

  • At the end of the degree audit there is a legend which shows the meaning of the icons used in Degree Works.
    •   Completed requirements are indicated by a green check mark. 
    • A blue half-circle indicates a requirement is in progress. 
    • An open red circle indicates a requirement has not been met.
  •  The Courses Not Applied to this Degree block lists elective courses that do not apply to your major requirements.

  • The Insufficient Grades block lists courses that do not apply to degree requirements because the courses do not have passing grades.

  • If you hover over any course number with your mouse, the name and credit hours for the course will display. If you click on any course, the link will display complete information including a course description, and list of any prerequisites.

  • If a course has a prerequisite you will see a blue checkbox directly next to the course number. To see what the prerequisite is for the course, click on it and a course description including the prerequisite will appear in a pop-up box.

  • The @ symbol is a wild card in Degree Works. It allows you many choices in a given subject area. For example, if the @ sign appears after a subject prefix i.e., [email protected], it means that you can take any History of Art course for the requirement.

  • Degree Works is updated nightly.  Any changes made (e.g., grade changes or classes added/dropped) will be seen in Degree Works the following day.

Understand Your DARS

OK = requirement is complete
NO = requirement is not complete
IP = requirement is in-progress; no grade has been assigned and successful completion is presumed
+ [plus sign] = this part of the requirement (subgroup) is complete
- [minus sign] = this part of the requirement (subgroup) is not complete
+R = this part of the required SUNY general education area is complete
-R = this part of the required SUNY general education area is not complete
NEEDS = number of courses or credits missing to complete the requirement
SELECT FROM  = courses required to complete the requirement
RP = repeated course
>D = This does not mean a "D" grade has been assigned.  Before spring 2014, the original grade for this repeated course is calculated in the GPA.
F>  = Effective spring 2014, F and WF grades are changed to F> and WF> grades when a passing grade is earned.   F> and WF> are not calculated in the grade point average.
NOTE RM = message posted by the Registrar's Office
T = T grade; transfer credit has been awarded for this course
TR courses = courses transferred as electives which do not have an equivalent for your major at FIT
The following reminders will not prevent you from registering or applying for graduation.  You do need fulfill the reminder before your degree can be certified. 
-Visiting Student Transcript Reminder
-Proof of AAS Transcript Reminder
-Degree Audit Reminder: This reminder could be about more than 2 minors, FIT residency or other specific reminders.
-Graduation Application Reminder

A Registrar's Hold will prevent you from registering and applying for graduation, so make sure you reach out right away to discuss your progress towards your degree.

Any course(s) listed under this heading at the end of your degree audit do not fulfill any requirement towards your FIT major.  The course(s) are not required for the major you are currently enrolled in.

Degree Audit Help

If you are in an undergraduate program and you have questions about your degree audit, contact the Registrar's Office at [email protected].

If you are a student in a graduate program, contact your major department about your degree audit.

Although every effort is made to ensure the information on the degree audit is correct, it is your responsibility to review the audit and confirm its accuracy, successfully complete in-progress courses, and register for the proper sequence of courses to satisfy degree requirements.

>> A degree audit is not an official transcript.