Memo from the President - April 25, 2013

To the FIT Community:

As part of our strategic planning process, I am pleased to tell you that the videos of our two roundtable discussion dinners, held on April 2 and April 15, are now posted and available for viewing. We have also posted a document with introductory material and another video from the dinners in which I provide some introductory information as well.

The roundtable discussions were excellent--- as productive as we hoped they would be. We also received many helpful comments on our website which we will post soon. Many of these good ideas---and much of the constructive criticism---will inform the work of the Planning Council going forward.

I encourage you to view the videos, which you can find when you log onto the FIT portal . Under Announcements on the home page you will find the strategic plan draft, introductory information, and the roundtable discussion videos.

Dr. Joyce F. Brown