Summer High School 4-Day Workshops

High school students in fit textile and art labs

FIT's Precollege Workshops are fun, short programs designed to introduce you to some of the unique and creative topics FIT specializes in. Spend four days learning new skills or explore one of the many career opportunities FIT prepares students for. Meet new friends and get to know our NYC campus in the heart of the Fashion District! Perfect for the student who wants the FIT experience but is limited on time, you'll be both challenged and inspired by how much you'll learn in just four sessions! 

Program Details

ELIGIBLE GRADES: Students in grades 9 through 12 as of fall 2024.
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Classes will be posted in January 2024
March 2024
Ends June 2024

One, 4-day workshop is $440.00 (with all fees)
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For assistance, email: [email protected]