Photography Point of View

Photography is a key component in the college’s visual language. The FIT imagery aligns with the brand voice showcasing an authentic feel, using rich color and, when possible, shot from an unexpected and unconventional perspective.

Strategic POV

Content should represent FIT’s new brand language and unwords, for example—unlimited, unstoppable, unpredictable, unexpected, undeterred, uncommon, unbelievable.

Subject matter should feel authentic, and captured in the middle of a moment, not overly staged.

Scenarios should feel aspirational but attainable.

Scenarios should feature shared experiences and interactions, never people obviously posing.

Photos should: 

  • Represent diversity in gender, ethnicity, and age
  • Feature real people of all shapes and sizes


Photography composition is extremely important in conveying the FIT brand messages. Please follow the rules below.

Download complete and detailed Photography Guidelines (.pdf)