24+ Credit Hold Information

A 24+ credit hold is applied if you accumulate 24 or more credits on your transcript as a non-degree (non-matriculated) student. You must complete the following form to request that the hold is removed:

24+ Hour Credit Hold Removal Request Form

You must submit this form whether or not you plan to complete a degree, otherwise you can't register for more courses. You will receive an email with confirmation that the hold has been removed or with required next steps.  

If you already have a degree from FIT, you must still complete the form. If you are an alum taking courses with no intention of earning an additional degree, please select that dropdown option to prevent future holds from occurring.

Why was a hold placed on your credits?

FIT has a strict policy regarding the number of credits a student may take in non-matriculated status and apply to a degree program. 

» FIT's Matriculation Status and Residency Policies

If you are taking courses and are considering an FIT degree in your future, it is imperative that you speak with an FIT representative regarding accumulated credits and admissions. First review our Admissions website, then contact the Office of Admissions at (212) 217-3760 or [email protected].

You do not have to apply to a degree program. You can take as many classes as you wish as a non-degree (non-matriculated) student. If you have no intention of pursuing a degree, please select that dropdown option on the hold release form.

Holds After Applying for Admission to FIT

If you are still seeing a hold after applying and being accepted into a degree program, it means you are coded as a non-degree student for the current term.  

If you are currently enrolled in a degree program and you see a credit hold, it means you were not in degree status at the time it was placed (perhaps you sat out one semester). You must reapply if you plan to complete your degree. For details, visit the Admissions web page for Readmission