What types of housing accommodations are available?
See Residence Halls.

How do I apply?
See How to Apply.

Who is eligible to live on campus?
All FIT students taking 12 or more credits are eligible to apply for campus housing. Highest priority is given to full-time matriculated undergraduate students taking 12 or more credits.

How many students live in the residence halls?
FIT's four residence halls house approximately 2,300 residents.

How much does it cost to live on campus?
See Housing Costs.

How do I sign up for a dining plan?
Residents in traditional style rooms will be billed for a meal plan each fall and spring semester. Dining membership will be billed as part of your residential housing fee. See Dining Plans.

If I am accepted into the residence halls, will I be guaranteed housing for the rest of the time I attend FIT?
Although housing is not guaranteed we have been able to provide housing for all eligible students while they remain at the college.

What happens if I don't get housing?
Eligible applicants will be put on a wait list and notified when a space is available. The Residential Life Office has been able to offer on-campus housing to all applicants over the last few years.

Does FIT provide staff in the residence halls?
Yes, learn about residence hall staffing.

What type of security do you have in the residence halls?
Each residence hall has a security officer posted in its lobby 24 hours a day. Residents are required to show their residence hall identification card to enter the buildings. All visitors are required to have proper identification and must be signed in by residents at the security desk.

Is there an orientation program and do I have to attend?
A mandatory residence hall orientation program is presented during opening week. Only residents who have successfully completed the orientation program will be granted visitation privileges. See all New Student Orientation activities here. Please note events that are mandatory for resident students.

Are there restrictions for visitors/guests?
Yes. There is no overnight visitation (this includes family) during opening, closing, and exam periods. Overnight guests must be pre-registered. Other restrictions apply. See Visitation Rules and Policies.

Can I remain in the residence halls during recess periods?
Summer housing is available to all FIT students. Only resident students (accepted to the halls for the academic year) are eligible to register for winter recess housing. Food services are not available during recess periods (winter, spring recess, or summer). There are additional fees for winter and summer housing. See Summer Housing.

Do I need property insurance?
Yes. See Personal Property Insurance.

What can I do to prepare for an emergency?
Information can be found under School Closings/Emergency Information. In addition, all students should be equipped with an emergency "Go Bag." See What To Bring.