Parent and Family Information

Welcome, parents and families!

The information provided in this section is a resource for parents and families of current and soon-to-be residence hall students at FIT. While we try to provide comprehensive information on what to expect, please understand that we can't cover everything here. Don't hesitate to contact us at (212) 217-3900 or [email protected].

Below are some other FIT departments that can assist you and your student during their time at FIT:


MyStudentBody is a drug, alcohol, and wellness program aimed at reducing student health risks on the individual and campus community level. For more information, please visit the MyStudentBody website. You must register to access the parent section. If you have lost the school code provided to you, please call our office or ask your student.

Questions to Ask Your Student

These questions were developed to assist parents and families to continue an open dialog with their student throughout their transition at college.

We also encourage you to discuss appropriate decision making both on and off campus, as your student may encounter people and establishments that do not have their academic success and physical health in mind.

  1. Are you going to class? Skipping class is the #1 reason why students fail.
  2. Are you studying enough? College is a full time job. You should be in class, studying, and doing homework.
  3. Do you have the necessary materials and supplies for all of your classes? You should acquire the necessary class materials and supplies in order to be prepared for projects.
  4. Are you scheduling your free time? Everyone needs down time but you need to learn to manage your free time.
  5. Do you know when the last day to withdraw is? After this date you cannot withdraw from a class without a fee.
  6. Are you starting your assignments early? The unexpected happens: you get sick, your computer dies. Start assignments with plenty of time for the unexpected.
  7. Do you know who your advisor is and when to call him/her? Students need to meet with an advisor (usually in October) to plan for next semester.
  8. Do you know you can visit your professor during office hours? Professors like to help students. Visit your professor during office hours.
  9. Have you thought about going to tutoring? You can check with your professors and departments for information on tutoring.
  10. Are you a part of a study group? Studying complex material is more efficient with a study group.
  1. Are you eating well and getting enough sleep? Many students develop unhealthy sleeping and eating habits. This can have an effect on your academic and personal life.
  2. Do you know who your RA is and when to contact him/her? The RA is available to help you with academic as well as personal concerns.
  3. Do you know your campus resources? Students receive campus resource information during orientation and they can be directed to our website at . The magnet you received from the Residential Life Department has helpful information including phone and room numbers. Keep it within reach.
  4. Do you know who your RC is and that they have regularly scheduled office hours? The RC is available to help with conflict mediation, roommate, other personal concerns.
  5. Have you attended any campus or residence hall activities? Hall bulletin boards list many of the college programs and extracurricular activities.
  6. Are you learning to compromise and negotiate with your roommates? Learning to compromise and negotiate so that students can live and work together can be one of the most important opportunities that a college provides.
  7. Have you made sure to budget enough money for the week? You will be able to manage your finances better if you create a working budget.
  8. Do you know when the residence halls close and are you familiar with other important dates at FIT? Please view the college website and hall bulletin boards for closing and other important information.
  9. Are you locking your door and keeping personal belongings secure? You should always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings while on campus and in the city. The best way to protect your belongings is to keep your door locked.
  10. Have you gotten involved in Residence Hall activities or any groups? You can become involved with Resident Hall Community Council and other residence hall activities or groups to learn about your community and meet new people.


We know that you have questions, too! Here are the questions most commonly asked by parents and family members.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Students may not arrive on campus before their scheduled check-in dates in August and January, or depart from campus later than their scheduled move-out dates in December and May. See: Moving In and Moving Out


Sure! However, packages shipped prior to a student's arrival on campus may not weigh more than 70 lbs. or exceed 36" in any dimension. Packages may not arrive more than seven days before the student arrives. Send packages to one of the following addresses.

27th Street Residents:

The FIT Coed Residence, c/o (your name)
230 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

Kaufman Hall Residents:

Kaufman Hall, c/o (your name)
406 West 31st Street
New York, NY 10001

Mail and packages to resident students should be addressed using the residence hall name and street address, as well as name and room number of student. For example, mail to Jane Doe who lives in 18M2 Alumni Hall should be addressed like this:

Jane Doe
18M2 Alumni Hall
210 W 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

Street address for Alumni Hall: 210 West 27th Street
Street address for Nagler Hall: 220 West 27th Street
Street address for Coed Hall: 230 West 27th Street
Street address for Kaufman Hall: 406 West 31st Street

Students who receive a package will get a package slip in their mailbox or email informing them that a package is awaiting pick up. They must present this package slip at the Residential Life mailroom at 27th Street (Coed Hall lobby) or Kaufman Hall (basement mailroom). Pick up times are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. 

Yes and no.

Current residence hall students may remain in the residence halls during the winter session at an additional cost. Students may remain in their rooms during spring break with no additional cost.

During the summer, any FIT student may live in the residence halls as long as certain criteria are met.  See: Summer Housing

Residence halls are closed and inaccessible to all students during the winter recess (immediately following final exams in December through early January). Residence halls are closed and inaccessible to all students from late July until late August. 

Current residence hall students are eligible to apply for the housing lottery for Kaufman Hall if they wish to live on campus after their first year; however, space is limited and no applicant is guaranteed housing. See: Current/Returning Housing

The Residential Life Department assists students in finding off-campus housing. See: Off-Campus Housing

It is not uncommon for roommate conflicts to occur, especially among students who have never shared a bedroom before. On every residence hall floor lives a resident assistant (RA) who is trained to assist students in these situations. Parents should advise their students to speak with the RA about their concerns, and that compromise and understanding are the keys to successful roommate relationships.

Most likely not. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) states that educational records of students aged 18 and over may not be released to a third party without the prior written consent of the student.

The FIT residence halls are a very safe community with 24-hour security, but students need to employ common sense in this regard. Advise your students to do the following:

  • Do not sign in strangers.
  • Always double lock their room door, even if they are just going down the hall or to the bathroom.
  • Immediately report any suspicious characters or unescorted guests to a Resident Assistant or to the Security Department at (212) 217-7777.
  • Do not keep or wear expensive jewelry and do not carry large sums of cash.
  • Use common sense!

The Residential Life Department strongly encourages students to keep their medications in a combination lock box to avoid theft. Combination lock boxes may be purchased inexpensively at home/office supply stores. In some cases, Health Services may assist with storing and distributing your student's medication.

The Residential Life Department lists comprehensive neighborhood information: Know Your Neighborhood.

No. FIT is a dry campus, meaning no drugs, alcohol, or related paraphernalia are permitted on campus—regardless of the student's age. See: Resident Handbook (pdf)

Yes. See: Personal/Property Insurance

All students should be equipped with an emergency "go bag" and pay attention to announcements from FIT and other authorities. See: Emergency Preparedness at FIT