Overdue Fines

Library fines and fees are paid at the Library Services Desk using your FIT ID.  

Any late items from the general collection will not have fines upon return. However, when an item is over 30 days late (earlier if items are Reserve textbooks, equipment, etc)  you will receive a "Lost Summary Bill" email. For items that are truly lost and/or damaged, please contact Access Services to determine the actual replacement fees. 

A patron’s Library account with item(s) overdue past 30 days will be placed on Library Hold in addition to a Registrar Hold. Student accounts will be blocked from checking out library material, class registration, receiving transcripts/diplomas, and refund checks until the library items are returned. If the items are returned all holds and fees will be removed from your account.

Please email any questions and concerns regarding fines and fees to the Access Services Managers. Please include your full name, @ number, and any pertinent information regarding your account or overdue/lost items. We are unable to refund any unused money on your ID card used for library fines.

Faculty, staff, and administrators are not charged overdue fines, but ARE responsible for the cost of lost book replacements.

Fines for overdue library items are listed below.

Renew Your Books

Loan Type

Fine Rate

Maximum Fine/Item

Library Use Only?

General Collection (including Picture Files and DVDs)


After 30 days overdue a Library/Registrar Hold is placed on account


Reserves (including magazines and Reserve DVDs)




Equipment (Wacom Tablets, Cameras, chargers, etc)




Damages to books

$5.00 min. (at discretion of the Access Services Unit)

Replacement cost of item (varies per item)



NOTE: Transcript orders are impacted by library holds. You may have to restart the process using your order number and the transcript company contact information after you clear your library hold. If the hold/fine is not resolved within 30 days, the order is canceled and you will be notified and not charged for the transcript order.

last updated: 11/15/23