Overdue Fines

The following chart lists the most common types of charges, their rates and their maximums.  When a book or picture file envelope becomes 30 days overdue, it is categorized as "lost" and your account will be assessed a market rate replacement cost and processing fee. If the item is subsequently returned you will be responsible only for any overdue fine. NOTE:  Students are financially responsible for damaged or not returned equipment.

Faculty, staff, and administrators are not charged overdue fines, but ARE responsible for the cost of lost book replacements.

Accounts with a 30 day late item(s) will be placed on Library Hold (also known as a Banner Hold). Student accounts will be blocked from registration, receiving transcripts, refund checks and diplomas, etc. until the account is paid in full.

NOTE: For students ordering transcripts, once the hold has been released the transcript ordering application will process the order within the day. If the hold/fine is not resolved within 30 days, the order is cancelled and you be will notified and not charged for the transcript order. 

All Library fines and fees are paid at the Access Services Desk using your FIT ID.  You can add exact cash to your card using the PHiL machine located near the Research Services Desk on the 5th floor (or with the PHiL machine located in Computer Commons). Alternatively, you can add money to your FIT ID with a debit/credit card by accessing your eAccount. Money is successfully added once you receive a confirmation email.

When you receive a "Lost Summary Bill" email, each lost item will have a estimated replacement and processing fees of $120. If the items are truly lost, please contact the Access Services Desk to determine the actual replacement fees as generally the fees will be lower than $120. We are unable to refund to you any unused money placed on your ID card.

Questions, concerns, comments regarding fines and fees can be directed to the Access Services Managers. Please include your full name, @ number, and any pertinent information regarding your account or overdue/lost items in question.

Renew Your Books

Loan Type

Fine Rate

Maximum Fine/Item

Library Use Only?

General Collection


Overdue 30 days $20 fine & Library Hold






Picture Collection: Envelopes

$.50/day per envelope

$20.00 after 30 days overdue & Banner Hold


Audio/Visual Material

$1.00/hr (1 day)
$1.00/day (1 week)



Digital Cameras 




Wacom Tablets



Photographic Equipment from the MakerMinds Space $10.00/hr $50.00/day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yes
iPhone Chargers, MacBook Chargers $1.00/hr $20.00/day                         No
Cutting Mats $1.00/hr $20.00/day                         No

Damages to books

$5.00 min. (at discretion of Circulation/Access Services Unit)

Replacement cost of item (varies per item)