Muslin Composting Project

In 2015, Textile Development and Marketing students Lydia Baird and Willa Tsokanis took their own idea to the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) conference, where they presented a proposal for a muslin composting system.

Baird and Tsokanis developed the project because much of the cotton muslin used by designers goes to waste: "It is undyed and unbleached and minimal. What makes cotton-muslin lifespan so short is also what makes it perfect for our project...without a compost collection system or a means for properly recycling the fibers, it must get tossed away."

Muslin composting is a perfect companion to FIT's natural dye garden, which will benefit from the nutrient-rich material it creates.

FIT's Muslin Composting System was established in the spring of 2015. Learn more and follow the latest news at the project website: Ego Sum Terra

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