Project Opportunities for Students

FIT students are encouraged to pursue passion projects—to collaborate with other students and THINK BIG. Student initiatives have included:

If your idea needs funding, several options are listed below.

Turn your ideas into action with the Clinton Global Initiative University

Collaboration Grant

Collaboration GrantThe Office of Academic Affairs, in partnership with the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success and the FIT Student Government Association, is pleased to announce the Collaboration Grant (formerly the Innovation Grant), which is intended to provide students with the opportunity and support for collaboration on projects that cross academic disciplines and stretch intellectual and artistic boundaries.

This program was launched as a three-year pilot program in the Fall of 2015, with the first round of grants awarded for projects during the 2015-2016 academic year. One to three projects in the amount of between $1,000 and $3,000 will be funded each academic year.

Grants are available to groups of 2-4 students in at least two different majors who would like to explore, research, create, or innovate with the added incentive of a Collaboration Grant. The program supports innovative ideas that can be put into action by student partnerships.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an individual scholarship, but a grant for a group project.

As examples, these innovative ideas could include projects such as:

  • Illustrators working with writers (from any other major) on a graphic novel.
  • Direct & Interactive Marketing Majors and Accessories Designers both minoring in Ethics & Sustainability who test the feasibility of a sustainable line through market research.
  • A Film and Media student works with a student from Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management to make a documentary about those majors.
  • An International Trade & Marketing student works with a Packaging Design student to study the effect of color in packaging to attract or discourage foreign customers within the US.
  • A Communication Design student works with a Home Products Development student to see whether info graphics or typed instructions are better for kitchen appliance instructions.

These are just examples—ideas are limitless—so please come up with a new concept!

  1. Students must be enrolled full-time in a degree program for the fall 2019 and spring 2020 semesters, and must be able to complete and report out on their projects prior to the end of the academic year.
  2. Applicants must attend an Collaboration Grant Info Session, which will cover the following topics:
    Overview of the project’s purpose
    Application requirements, deadlines and other expectations
    Grant writing tips, to include suggestions on developing budget
  3. Project must include students from at least 2 different majors; extra consideration will be given to project proposals that involve students from majors in different Schools: Art & Design, Business & Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Collaboration Grant Application must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Success by Friday, May 17, 2019.

Completed application must include:

  • Part A: Names, departments/schools and contact information of all project partners
  • Part B: Resume (maximum 2 pages; please submit via email)
  • Part C: Project Narrative (to include Budget Narrative; download and submit completed form via email)
  • Part D: Completed Sponsorship Form (download and submit completed form via email)
  • Part E: Completed Budget Spreadsheet (download and submit completed form via email)

All submission materials and questions should be emailed to [email protected]

  1. Grant recipients will submit a semi-annual progress report. This report should include notification of any changes in the original project proposal and a brief update of progress. When project is complete, recipients will provide a report or some other form of evidence of completion (product, installation, video, or other evidence depending on the nature of the innovation/research/creative activity).
  2. Recipients will be asked to serve as grant reviewers for future applications (and may still serve as alumni reviewers after graduation if they are interested).
  3. Recipients will be asked to present their project at an end-of-year event, with the date to be announced.

Please fill out the form below to complete Part A of the Collaboration Grant Application; Parts B, C, D, and E should be submitted via email to the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Success.

Part A: Collaboration Grant Application

Sustainability Grants

The president’s Sustainability Council offers an annual grant fund of $15,000 to support the college’s commitment to sustainability through creative and innovative initiatives that help to infuse various aspects of sustainability into our college culture, curricula, operations, and physical environment.

Proposals are accepted from FIT faculty, staff, and students. (Student projects are required to have a faculty or staff adviser.) Grants are awarded up to $5,000 each and the fund is administered by the Sustainability Council.

Sustainability Grant Details

Beyond FIT

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs works with students who want to apply for both internal and external funding. While they primarily work with faculty and research grants, staff members will provide guidance for students when there is availability.

Original Research

Tahiya Hossain, Spring 2018
Veronica Apsan, Spring 2018

 The Genspace Scholars Program provides FIT undergraduate students the opportunity to develop and complete research at the Genspace Laboratory in Brooklyn. The program provides students the opportunity to design and conduct experiments related to design and innovation with biologic materials and principles that work toward solutions to some of our greatest societal challenges. Mentors at both FIT and Genspace will identify how the program can best fit in their FIT program (independent study, minor/major credit, internship etc.) and to design a project that is tailored to their interests.

» Apply for the Genspace Scholars Program