Academic Honor Code

Policy No. AA007

Policy Statement

Students who imitate or copy another persons idea or written work and claim it as original, fail to master the knowledge and skills that they need for successful careers in their chosen fields. Students must also comply with the policy on collaboration established for each course, as set forth in the course syllabus or on the course website. Conduct that evidences any form of disrespect for the intellectual efforts of oneself or others or violates established collaboration policies will subject students to serious penalties.

Entities Affected by this Policy

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Department chairs
  • Academic deans
  • Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Academic Affairs

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s): Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Responsible Office(s): Office of Academic Affairs
  • Dates: Revised November 2012
  • Contact: Vice President for Academic Affairs

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