Current Exhibitions

Summer Highlights

June 10 - July  28, 2024

gallery photo of group of paintings
This Summer Highlights Exhibition showcases a diverse range of artwork, including tapestries, paintings, collages, large-scale installations, illustrations of exemplary interior design, and spatial experience design installations. All exhibited pieces are the creations of students, sta , alumni, and invited guest artist.

Contributing artists include Starr Smith, Marie Sellier, and Lyndsey Brown (current Spatial Experience Design students); Yingzhi Baisley, Marta Kolano, and Yuval Izhaki (Interior Design BFA '24); Joe Biss, Xavier Checo, Will Baaske, and Sebastian Tea Rice (Fine Arts '24); Shayan Nazarian (invited guest artist), Melissa Starke (Fine Arts staff, Art Market MA ‘20); Natalia Anikushina (Fashion Design ’96); Klarissa Angleine Gracia and Diana Gracia (Spatial Experience Design ‘24).

We express our gratitude to President Joyce F. Brown and Troy Richards, dean of the School of Art and Design, for their continued support of gallery programming as an extension of FIT's creative classroom.