Brand Identity

Brands represent what an organization stands for and how it wishes to be perceived. The FIT brand tells people what to expect from our college. It is a way of expressing our purpose and values, distinguishing ourselves from our peers, and ensuring that audiences understand the essential nature of our institution.

students with fit buttons

Brand Position

Nurturing Unconventional Minds, the college’s brand position, reflects the college’s approach to education, research, problem-solving, and innovation. It also succinctly expresses the outlook of our faculty, students, and alumni—original thinkers who break convention.

What is the “unconventional minds" brand about?

FIT is a community of unconventional minds, a place where we educate students to be design thinkers and problem solvers. We know that sometimes the best answer to a problem is a question—and when you ask the right questions, your answers are unexpected, original, and sometimes breathtaking. FIT is a center of innovation, where remarkable talent is nurtured and uncommon wisdom finds a home.

Effective communication of the brand

Whenever people engage with our contentwhether through a publication, an ad, a presentation, or a tweetthat experience helps them form a perception of FIT. For the brand to succeed, the college’s messages, visual identity, and brand language need to be applied consistently across all of FIT’s communications materials, ensuring that audiences recognize FIT as an institution that helps to drive the creative economy, and where innovation, creativity, and inclusiveness flourish. Each consistent, effective communication of the brand elements reinforces the FIT story.


The FIT Toolkit provides the elements you need to create great content and design to support the college’s brand. You’ll find specific information about what to do and not do, and examples to inform and inspire you.

Elements include:

  • Brand language “Un” words
  • Photography and color point of view and usage
  • Brief boilerplate descriptions of the college
  • Downloadable letterhead, memo, and Powerpoint templates
  • Logos, lock-ups for the college, schools, divisions, and departments
  • Information about fonts--both usage and access
  • A photo gallery of downloadable images

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