Advanced CLO's 3D Garment Visualization

Create photo-realistic garments in virtual environments

rendering of dress

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This certificate course covers CLO’s advanced virtual garment visualization tools and skills for fashion design development and presentation. You will learn essential skills you need to become an expert 3D designer using CLO. How to create and express more various and intricate garments will be learned throughout this course. The course will train you to intuitively translate any CAD drawing or physical garments to become 3D virtual garments and instantly transform existing 2D garment patterns into different styles. In addition to the creation of virtual garments, you will create elaborated 3D virtual environments including retail showroom setting and runway show stages incorporating photo-realistic rendered images and various animations.


  • Required Skills
    • 2D pattern stitching and arrangement in 3D
    • Folding (pleats, gather, collar/lapel, cuff/hem)
    • Trim techniques (grouped button, hardware, topstitching, zipper)
    • Manual pattern grading for different avatar size
    • Spec measurement and POM table creation
    • Graphic manipulation (edit texture, normal map, displacement map)
    • Fabric manipulation (washing, fur, various textures)
    • Ticket and labeling creation (hangtag and label)
    • Animation (Create your own avatar runway catwalk video)
    • 2D pattern transformation into different styles
    • 2D pattern making from scratch to create your own style
  • Computer specifications: CLO System Requirements
  • Access your FIT Google Drive for instructor files
  • A 3-button mouse (the scroll can work as a third button)
  • Second monitor is not required but highly recommended

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rendering of 2 ski outfits on a ski lift

Learn How To

  • Work in a 2D and 3D design visualization environment
  • Transform complicated existing 2D pattern blocks into new garment styles
  • Modify sizing of virtual garments to fit in a personalize avatar 
  • Express elaborated design details of garments such as lacing, smocking, and beading
  • Apply specialized textiles, topstitchings, trims, hardware, and graphic patterns/prints to your virtual garment
  • Design your own runway stage and retail showroom 
  • Record various avatar animations using Adobe Mixamo’s 3D/AR tools

Why FIT?

  • Classes taught by top industry experts
  • The focus is helping you prepare for the growing demand for 3D apparel designers
  • Program helps you prepare a capsule collection for your portfolio
  • Earn a certificate from FIT/SUNY, a world renowned college of art and design, business and technology

Meet Your Instructor

Professor Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee
Professor, Fashion Business Management, FIT

Professor Jennifer Lee is a full-time faculty member in the Fashion Business Management department of FIT. She teaches Computer-Aided Product Development courses focused on the use of the latest industry software programs including CLO 3D, Gemer Yunique PLM, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She also has expertise in enterprise intelligence systems such as SAP ERP and JDA EP. Her research interests are focused on the application of emerging 2D and 3D technologies for sustainable product development to reduce commercialization lead-time and physical material waste.

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CLO is one of the most frequently used 3D fashion design software programs creating virtual, true-to life garment visualization with cutting-edge simulation technologies for the fashion.
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