Memo from the President - April 8, 2013

To the FIT Community:

As you know, we have posted a draft of the colleges refreshed strategic plan so that everyone in the community can both read it and respond to it. We have already held the first of two roundtable discussions and I am pleased to report that the conversation was robust---and the commentary was stimulating and thoughtful. Our next roundtable discussion will take place on Monday, April 15th and I look forward to another productive session.

Although a total of 200 people will have attended the roundtable discussions---and they represent a cross-section of the college---it is still our hope to collect the thoughts of as many members of the FIT community as possible. So if you do, indeed, have ideas about the goals and strategies in the plan---if you believe we have missed anything, or if anything requires further clarity or expansion---I hope you will find the time to comment electronically.

Some people have already expressed concern about the cost or implementation of the plan---critical issues, indeed. Please note that Page 13 of the document takes these issues into full account. An operational plan---one that is systematically costed out---will be developed once the revised strategic plan is adopted. This is the process we used to implement the original strategic plan.

The plan can be found on the FIT portal--- . (Click on the Announcements and Web Resources tab.) Comments can be submitted to: [email protected]. We will need your comments no later than Monday, April 15th so that they can be considered for incorporation into the final version of the plan. We will submit the plan to the Board of Trustees for approval at its June, 2013 meeting. I thank you for your contributions.

Dr. Joyce F. Brown