Code of Student Conduct

Policy No. EM003

Policy Information

The Fashion Institute of Technology (“FIT” or “the college”) seeks to promote student well-being and a sense of belonging through a code of conduct that encourages students to take responsibility for their campus community and emphasizes the importance of personal accountability in their role as community members. To achieve its purpose, the Fashion Institute of Technology expects students to conduct themselves in a manner that is kind and compassionate and that honors civility, a core value of the institution. The Code of Conduct (or the “Code”) adopts a restorative practice approach and has been developed to support and reinforce FIT values that aim to create a welcoming, inclusive, and collaborative community committed to social justice and respectful of the rights and dignity of the individual. It is expected that students will refrain from conduct that threatens or endangers the health, safety, and welfare of their community.

All members of the FIT community have an obligation to support and obey college regulations, and all federal, state, and local laws. All members of the campus community have an obligation to uphold the values and principles of the Code of Conduct. Those who do not comply will be subject to disciplinary action by the college and, where applicable, may face action by federal, local, and/or state authorities.

Who Should Read This Policy

  •  All members of the FIT community
  • Third parties 

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator: Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success and Dean of Students
  • Responsible Office: Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Implementation History: Updated June 2018, December 2022, May 2023
  • Contact: Dean of Students

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EM003, Code of Student Conduct (.pdf)
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