Rights & Responsibilities

As one of our patients, you have choices, rights, and responsibilities.

Patient's Rights

  • Patients are treated with respect, consideration, and dignity.
  • Patients are provided appropriate privacy.
  • Patient disclosures and records are treated confidentially, and, except when required by law, patients are given the opportunity to approve or refuse their release.
  • Patients are provided, to the degree known, complete information concerning their diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and prognosis. When it is medically inadvisable to give such information to a patient or to a legally authorized person.
  • Patients are given the opportunity to participate in decisions involving their health care, except when such participation is contraindicated for medical reasons.
  • Patients have the right to select and/or change their health care provider.
  • Information is available to patients and staff concerning:
    • Patient rights
    • Patient conduct and responsibilities
    • Services available at the organization
    • Provisions for after-hours and emergency care
    • Fees for services
    • Payment policies
    • Advance directives, as required by state or federal law and regulations
    • Credentialing of health care professionals

Patient's Responsibilities

  • Seek medical attention promptly
  • Be honest about your medical history
  • Ask about anything you do not understand
  • Respect clinic personnel and policies
  • Follow health advice and medical instructions
  • Report any significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve
  • Seek non-emergency care during regular hours and scheduled times
  • Keep appointments or cancel in advance
  • Provide useful feedback about services and policies

    When you have questions... ASK
    When you have problems... SPEAK UP
    When you are satisfied... COMPLIMENT